Friday, February 12, 2010

A Little Under...

Logan has been feeling a little under the weather. Yesterday she woke up with a cough and very congested. I took her to the doctor and she gave her some medicine. It has already started working. Even though she was sick, she was so sweet yesterday - she cuddled most all day. Last night she was so congested - she couldn't sleep. My mom came and stayed with me to help in case we needed to hold her up all night. She could breathe better upright. She ended up sleeping pretty well, I am grateful for that. She is still congested, but we are using our "booger sucker" like crazy!

While at the doctor's office - she also said Logan was a little underweight. We knew this - but it's never been a concern since she is on her own little curve. She said she would probably keep her on formula until 15 months for the extra calories.

When I tried offering one of her bottles in a sippy cup, it was unsuccessful. Formula just got a little under her chin. None in her mouth. She thinks the nipple is a toy and she should play with it - will not suck it! O well, we will keep trying.

We currently have a little under two inches of snow on the ground. It is absolutely beautiful.

Logan's new favorite thing to do is to play a little under her toys, instead of in them.

Her favorite toy is still her socks - remember this post?
No change, she still would rather have a sock than anything.

Logan is waking herself up coughing now, I'm ready for this cold to be alot over.


  1. I wonder why babies are so draw to socks!? I am glad that the cream on the nose is helping. :-)