Tuesday, February 2, 2010


O Target...why o why...do I have to spend so much money when I walk through your doors?

I think they have something in the air there - I never walk out of that store spending less that $100 - sad I know. There's the baby stuff, and Logan always needs something, so I must enter there. From the necessary baby items, we stroll over the toy section; Logan always needs a new toy. Next is the o so lovely, personal care section. How I love to buy new shampoo, soap, etc...Why? I have no idea. I have at least three open bottles of shampoo in the shower. I can't help it. Right next to that, are the cleaning products. I love cleaning products. Don't misunderstand, I don't love to clean, I love cleaning products. Clorox Anywhere is my friend. The grocery section is right around the corner. Honestly, I really do not get that excited over their groceries, but I am already there, so I typically buy there. Can you tell we don't get out much?

Obviously, we took our routine trip to Target today. Logan was not a fan of sitting in the buggy, so I carried her, pushed the buggy, and shopped. It was fun - and I came out right around my usual price - how do I do that - every time?

Here are some pictures, just for kicks...
"Mommy, are you back there? Why do you always have that thing in front of your face?"

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