Saturday, February 20, 2010


Decisions are hard. If your thinking this is going to be a deep post, you're wrong - haha. I am so indecisive, it's lame. I know I said I would post pictures of Logan's cake smash from yesterday, I mean, I really should after I teased with the picture of the damage she single-handedly did to the cake. It's not her birthday, she's not one yet! Should I? It kind of ruins it for the people getting an invitation, or does it? I'm undecided - 

still deciding - I get all worked up over stuff like this...haha

We went to visit Cody at work today - it was fun. The weather here was beautiful (interesting material tonight huh?) and it was nice to just be outside. Dadadadadadada had a good time with Logan too...

The worm she is chewing loving on, she got today on a shopping trip with her grandma! Fun! She also got the cute flower bow - but they are so great, they will probably get a post of their own. Actually, I know they will, because I already took the cutie-pa-tootie pictures with the best little model today.

Ok - I've put it off long win. I'll post. I really wanted too the whole time.
she was just getting started :-)
For the most part, this is the first time Logan has ever experienced anything sugar. We are particular about what she eats. She typically eats all organic, homemade, whole wheat food. She doesn't know the difference and loves the food she eats. Let me tell you, this child did not hesitate to devour this cake. After we took it away, she ate what had fallen on her little leg!

If you get an invitation in the mail, just pretend like it's the first time you've seen a cake smash picture. For all my blog readers, enjoy! And everyone else too, you know you wanted to see!

Cake pictures from this crazy guy.

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