Monday, February 15, 2010

hats off

When you’re told your daughter is going to be born early, and that she will weigh anywhere from 2-4 pounds, depending on how much longer she stays in utero, your world spins. My thoughts were scattered; anything from, “Is she going to live?” to “I don’t have any clothes to fit her!” We tried to stay positive, because we knew she would come when the good Lord was ready for her to come. Meanwhile, on hospital bed rest, I window shopped online for preemie stuff. I never bought anything. It is so hard to grasp how small your baby is going to be.

When I reached about 30 weeks, I was becoming a little more excited, and a little less scared. Don’t get me wrong, if I could have changed the situation, I would have in a heartbeat. But I couldn’t; so we trusted the Lord, and got excited about our miracle, no matter how small she was going to be. I sent Cody out on a hunt for some cute, preemie stuff, to lighten the mood, and get us excited! I told him to get an outfit or two, and a couple of hats. I was ecstatic when he came back with just that, plus some more! I held up the hats and thought, “These are so tiny, they will probably be too small!” He even had Logan’s name put on one of them. He knows I like monogrammed/personalized stuff! All of these items really brightened the mood, and we started becoming excited about our daughter’s early arrival.

The first time I saw Logan, she was actually bigger than I thought she would be. She weighed 3lbs, 15oz. The NICU called any baby over 2.5lbs a fat baby. That’s because, shockingly enough, there are babies born much smaller than Logan. The next day when we got to see her, she had on this precious pink hat. We didn’t purchase it for her – who gave it to her!?! Turns out, there is a group that provides items for the preemies and babies in the NICU. Thank God for them, because the hats that I thought would be too small; were huge, and months away from fitting our daughters head. Throughout our stay at the NICU, we learned that most of the items are donated, and people make them. Several of the blankets that were given to Logan, were made by a group of woman who get together and knit blankets and pray over them. How amazing. If only I could meet those women, and tell them thank you, and what that meant to our family. Logan came home with two hats and three blankets from the NICU. To this day, we still use one of her NICU blankets – it’s the warmest, most special blanket we have.

That is the pink hat she wore, isn't it precious! It was still a bit too big!

That's the same hat, I of course still have them. It is smaller than a Similac can of formula.

That is one of the blankets we came home with - and she is wearing the hat Cody got her. It didn't fit, we kind of just put it around her head :-)

The beautiful blanket that stayed in her little isolette the whole time.

Since we have learned to knit (sort of!), we have been making baby hats. Not newborn baby hats, but preemie hats. There is a preemie reunion in mid-April that we plan to take our items too and donate to the NICU. I have already spoken with the lady in charge of the department, and she said they would LOVE any donations! Logan’s items are so special to us; we decided that whatever we make, will go to the NICU. We are so excited. We have a couple of hats already, and I am trying to learn to make a blanket. A blanket to go in an isolette is not that big, so hopefully I can figure it out! We hope to have several items to donate. If you knit, consider donating to your local NICU, I know they would appreciate your items.

They are tiny - and adorable.

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  1. This makes me want to learn to knit. The hats are adorable. My boys were 6 weeks early and we were also so grateful for donations to our NICU. We donated all of our preemie stuff, but I am always looking for new ideas of things to do for them there. Thanks for sharing!