Monday, February 22, 2010

still sick

Logan usually wakes herself in the morning around 7:30 give or take a few. Rarely do I have to wake her up in the mornings. This morning, it was 7:45, and we had not heard a peep all night. Last night, she only drank Pedialyte, so I assumed she would wake sometime during the night hungry, but she didn't. Typically, the moment you walk in her room and say her name, her little head pops up and she gives you the biggest smile. This morning - nothing. Cody had to pick her up out of her bed. She was limp and not herself. I called the doctor, said to give her some formula, because she was probably hungry. She kept down the Pedialyte last night, so the nurse felt comfortable offering her formula. She ended up drinking a bottle, and appeared to be keeping it down. She never would rouse though. She just wanted to sleep. We put her in her crib, and woke her again at 11:30, we needed to see if she would wake up and act normal. Nope, she didn't, she threw up on Cody. I called the doctor, they said to bring her. Not more than 2 minutes in the car, she gushed her entire bottle all over her and the car seat. Ew. We got her changed, and cleaned the car seat the best we could, and off to the doctor, again! She was so pitiful - slept on the way there. She never picked her head up from my chest - just laid there. Doctor said it was a virus - and gave her medicine to help settle her tummy. Within an hour, she acted like she felt better. She has since had some Pedialyte - and is sleeping. We are not used to seeing Logan lethargic, hoping she wakes up feeling better!

this morning when we woke her up...

this afternoon after a dose of the medicine

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