Friday, February 5, 2010

Girls, Girls, Girls

Logan and I went to a friend's house today. My friend has a daughter a few months older than Logan, as well as a 6 week old. God bless her. Logan and her buddy play pretty well together. We spent the afternoon there - doing girl things. You know - playing, eating, sleeping, rocking, feeding, picking up toys, taking pictures, and dying hair. Not the babies' hair!!! We made an attempt at dying my friend's hair a lighter shade, not real sure how that turned out. It was fun to do something kind of girly.

Speaking of girly..I have a special friend sleeping over with me tonight - she is 9. Amazing little girl - I love her to pieces. She loves Logan, I am sure we will be up bright and early playing together - more girl time! I'm loving it! We are currently snuggled up on the sofa watching a movie.

By the way - Logan's speech evaluation went well. She was really impressed with her eating skills (haha - are we surprised!). She gagged on the water, so we are going to see her this week and bring in more foods/liquids and do a more thorough evaluation. It looks like we will thicken her liquids and then wean back down to normal consistency. We will know more this week.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!