Friday, May 28, 2010

oh my...

Last night when I was putting Logan in her crib for the night, I thought I saw something on her crib. Naturally, I tried with my hand to wipe it off. I looked up to see what could have fallen and landed on her crib rail to cause such a mess. As my hand glided over these spots, I realized they were not wiping off. Not only were they not wiping off, they are there for good. No amount of scrubbing, wiping, cleaning, etc. will remove this.

What on earth could this disheveled looking, beautiful little girl have done?

Her and her two teeth apparently went to town chewing on her crib.
Needless to say I was at Babies r Us buying a crib rail protector this morning...
you know, to protect the damage thats already been done :-)
I still can't believe that one top tiny tooth did all this...

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Logan's new phase of eating is she wants to feed herself everything - this makes meal time a little challenging! We offer her a spoon to attempt to feed herself with a spoon - she has no interest, she just grabs the food off the spoon! Not everything is a finger food - but we are sure trying! It is important to me that she eats a well balanced diet, as well as a healthy diet. I am going to list Logan's finger food diet - It will help me keep some fresh ideas, and maybe if you have a little one, you can get some ideas too!

*Logan does eat other foods, this is a just a list of finger foods. She loves yogurt, and will willingly eat it from a spoon. We use YoBaby, and she loves it!
*Logan only has two teeth, so everything has to be pretty soft
* I will give a link to the brand of food we use if available - these are not paid advertisements, just links to the foods we use!

Vegetables: mostly canned, some fresh - let's face it...fresh is not always available or affordable. I do buy organic and no salt added if it is canned.
green beans - cut into small pieces
lima beans 
pinto beans
black eyed peas
butternut squash chunks
edamame (she loves them!)
potatoes (sweet/white: cooked, cubed - not mashed)
carrots (steamed, chunked)
green peas (not her favorite but she will eat them)

Fruit (all fresh, served cold and chunked)

Other (meats/pasta)
pieces of chicken
ham chunks
cut up hot dog (all beef, and peeled)
turkey chunks
pasta (whole wheat - and usually the larger shape - easy to pick up)
hummus (spread on bread - or a great dip for an older toddler)
whole wheat bread
veggie fries - *favorite* We cut them into pieces and use them as a snack, or with lunch or dinner.
black olives

Jammy Sammy
graham crackers
chocolate cookies
fruit/veggies in a pack! - love these, they are great for on the go!

Yes, occasionally when we go out she gets Mac n Cheese, or if we are having a dessert, she may get a taste, but generally, Logan does not eat sweets, or junk food. It is a personal preference for our family, and we will do our best to continue Logan on a healthy diet as she gets older. She does eat all of the above, and enjoys it!

I am constantly looking for new ideas, so please share some of your/your child's favorite foods!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


                          Yep - another post with water pictures. You know you like them too.

she is my sunshine
my only sunshine

she makes me happy 
when skies are grey...  

days with daddy home,
make this little water loving
baby, very happy

her pigtails...

mixed with a little
mr. thumbkins...

and a pool just the right size
for my girl

makes her one
happy camper...

water baby

                                                                        splish SPLASH...

I smell summer...
and all things water -  including Logans new water table
wonderful investment
O my - she is so cute in her little bathing suit.
my little water baby

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Not baking cookies, nor are we at the beach - I wish!

Logan and her new friend had a play-date at the park yesterday. Just so you know, that is sand on Logan's mouth in this picture. Yep, sand. Not only was it on her mouth, it was in her mouth as well. Lovely. Just lovely. Playgrounds with sand - not such a great idea for a one year old :-) She had a great time, even if it was a sandy mess!

This beautiful little girl is two months older than Logan, and she's so much fun!

It was a blast watching these girls play together,
even though I am still finding sand...everywhere...

look close...

look close, and you may be able to figure out what we did yesterday...

Monday, May 24, 2010

mommy love...

I have some pictures of mommy love...but not Logan and I  - you see those pictures all the time! My cousin and her family are here visiting - sharing their new bundle of joy! He is such a doll. Logan thinks he is a toy, and must have said "bebebe, babe, babe..." about three hundred times last night! I think she likes her new cousin!

Isn't he just precious?! He is a little miracle baby - and we are
blessed to have him in our family.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

water beads...

macro anyone?

We planted flowers the other night - isn't this a beautiful color?!

Friday, May 21, 2010

you guessed it

                                  Yep - you guessed it...Logan has TWO teeth now!

Sorry for the up close...mess of a picture, but if you think she is going to open her mouth and let my camera get close - she won't :-)

These teeth came in right as she was turning 14 months. She was miserable for about two days, she fussed a lot, woke up at night, low grade fever, etc..
Low and behold, it wasn't long before we were able to see a little white cap push through the surface. It is adorable, but makes me sad that my baby is not going to be a baby for much longer.
I see a couple more bumps on her gums, so I am assuming more will be coming soon.

Julie and I were just talking about how our children (her youngest and Logan are close in age) were lacking teeth! Not anymore - she will be caught up to L-Boy before long! And then those two will be off! Speaking of Julie and L-Boy, if you are a new follower from her blog, come right in, get snug, and enjoy the fun! She is a sweetheart and I enjoy getting to know her and her family more and more each day. I do love all things photography, so my blog is mostly about my family with a few pictures here and there :-)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


We took this little fearless beauty to the park tonight...

 look close at one of these pics -
something has changed about my little girl...
any guesses?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My girl

My girl and her thumb...

are not soon parted...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Just because

everything about this little girl makes my heart jump...