Tuesday, May 11, 2010

what happens

Last night Cody watched Logan while I went out for a few minutes. I called on my way home to check on them, this is what I got...

Cody: We are at Target. I'm going to get a buggy, Logan found something she wanted...

thinking in my head: O good, He is going to get the groceries we need - and probably some diapers. We need....strawberries, veggie fries, beans, waffles, etc...This is great! They are taking care of the grocery shopping! And he is even going to pick Logan up a little something.

Me: It's big enough to need a buggy?

Cody: Yep. You'll see when we get home.

Me: Umm....ok.

This is what I saw when I got home.

Daddy is a sucker.
Logan loves Mickey Mouse - so she had to have it.
I must say, she does love it.
Of course she does. It only has one setting for the noise level, really loud. 
And it lights up everywhere you look. 
Seriously, it is a great toy. 

No groceries.

This is what happens when Daddy takes his girl to Target. 
And I love it.


  1. Lindsie ChampionMay 11, 2010 at 9:33 AM

    LOVE it! :) Daddies and their girls....it's certainly a special thing, isn't it? Lucky (blessed) Logi to have such a wonderful Daddy.

  2. hahah so cute!!! daddy's are suckers! cute toy! glad she loves it:D

  3. That's what dad's are for :)

  4. Aww...somebody has Daddy wrapped around her cute little finger!!

    Love it!

  5. That's what Daddy's are for! I know a thing or two about little girls and their daddy's ;)

  6. Haha So fun! She is going to love practice walking behind it too.