Friday, May 28, 2010

oh my...

Last night when I was putting Logan in her crib for the night, I thought I saw something on her crib. Naturally, I tried with my hand to wipe it off. I looked up to see what could have fallen and landed on her crib rail to cause such a mess. As my hand glided over these spots, I realized they were not wiping off. Not only were they not wiping off, they are there for good. No amount of scrubbing, wiping, cleaning, etc. will remove this.

What on earth could this disheveled looking, beautiful little girl have done?

Her and her two teeth apparently went to town chewing on her crib.
Needless to say I was at Babies r Us buying a crib rail protector this morning...
you know, to protect the damage thats already been done :-)
I still can't believe that one top tiny tooth did all this...


  1. Oh my!! She went to town on that railing!!! :) I love reading about babies that are a few months ahead of Owen - prepares me for what's to come...

  2. Oh my goodness...she and L-boy are a match made in heaven! You should see his crib!

    When we had our first my husband made a crib. It was lovely. One day I went to get C-boy out of it and he had something in his mouth. It was a huge chunk of wood. Seriously, he just took a bit out of it. We had to get rid of it after our second son. It was so well eaten that we didn't want to use it again. Very strange!

  3. I went through the same thing. it's funny what they do when you're not looking :) One more for my memory book.

  4. :)Our crib came with protectors so I will never know if my little one would eat the crib or not. I nannied for a family and the little girl could not climb out of her crib but I swear she was trying to eat her way out! I had never seen it before then. :)

  5. awwwww that's kind of funny...we haven't bought any, but i've never noticed any teeth marks on ours. she's still adorable:D

  6. I've heard that some babies do this! It makes me cringe... like nails on chalk board! Glad her tooth held up! She is just darling by the way!

  7. That's funny. She is a cute crib chewer :)

  8. Oh no! We have those same marks on our crib! I didn't know that they sold protectors for that kind of crib (we have the same wide square sides, too). I'll have to go get some, like you said, to protect the damage that's already been done. ;-)

  9. My middle son gnawed on the crib and left little scratches on the side closest to the door. He'd stand there and look out and chew I guess. I'd always put him down awake, and that's what he did until he got sleepy. It must feel good on the gums!