Thursday, May 27, 2010


Logan's new phase of eating is she wants to feed herself everything - this makes meal time a little challenging! We offer her a spoon to attempt to feed herself with a spoon - she has no interest, she just grabs the food off the spoon! Not everything is a finger food - but we are sure trying! It is important to me that she eats a well balanced diet, as well as a healthy diet. I am going to list Logan's finger food diet - It will help me keep some fresh ideas, and maybe if you have a little one, you can get some ideas too!

*Logan does eat other foods, this is a just a list of finger foods. She loves yogurt, and will willingly eat it from a spoon. We use YoBaby, and she loves it!
*Logan only has two teeth, so everything has to be pretty soft
* I will give a link to the brand of food we use if available - these are not paid advertisements, just links to the foods we use!

Vegetables: mostly canned, some fresh - let's face it...fresh is not always available or affordable. I do buy organic and no salt added if it is canned.
green beans - cut into small pieces
lima beans 
pinto beans
black eyed peas
butternut squash chunks
edamame (she loves them!)
potatoes (sweet/white: cooked, cubed - not mashed)
carrots (steamed, chunked)
green peas (not her favorite but she will eat them)

Fruit (all fresh, served cold and chunked)

Other (meats/pasta)
pieces of chicken
ham chunks
cut up hot dog (all beef, and peeled)
turkey chunks
pasta (whole wheat - and usually the larger shape - easy to pick up)
hummus (spread on bread - or a great dip for an older toddler)
whole wheat bread
veggie fries - *favorite* We cut them into pieces and use them as a snack, or with lunch or dinner.
black olives

Jammy Sammy
graham crackers
chocolate cookies
fruit/veggies in a pack! - love these, they are great for on the go!

Yes, occasionally when we go out she gets Mac n Cheese, or if we are having a dessert, she may get a taste, but generally, Logan does not eat sweets, or junk food. It is a personal preference for our family, and we will do our best to continue Logan on a healthy diet as she gets older. She does eat all of the above, and enjoys it!

I am constantly looking for new ideas, so please share some of your/your child's favorite foods!!!


  1. Great list! And I love that you are starting her off on a healthy diet. Owen is only just starting to eat solids, so far I'm either buying organic in a jar or buying fresh at the market and making my own puree baby food. Hopefully I'm as diligent as you are as he gets older.

  2. I'm going to have to look for those veggie fries. I bet Micah (my 12 month old) would love them! Micah really likes the Plum/Revolution foods fiddlesticks - perfect for him to hold and eat on his own. Another thing my kids love is the freeze dried fruits and veggies - Up and Up brand are already in tiny bites or Just Tomatoes brand for more variety in fruits and veggies.

  3. Katie - I have seen those fiddlesticks, I will have to get some next time. I just discovered the Just Tomatoes brand, and I bought some mango - Logan liked them! I'm going to check and see what else they have. Thanks so much!

  4. Wow...look at that variety. I try to keep it healthy with L-boy, but when all his siblings are having a bowl of's a lost cause! ha ha

  5. thanks for the ideas! i've been in a slump with Mia's foods lately..this helped mucho:D

  6. Yobaby rocks. It was always Sophia's favorite too! So yummy :)