Monday, May 10, 2010

this house

This is the house that my mom grew up at. Actually, she grew up in a house that is a little piece down the dirt road. That house burned when she was about 14. The house pictured is the house that her father and brothers built after their home burned. This is the house that many of my childhood memories about my maternal grandparents are at. They are both deceased, and this house no longer is a home for anyone. However, it is still in the family, and a couple of weekends ago, we went to visit my family. I decided I wanted to drive by this house, just because. This is the house where memories were made.

I can remember playing outside with many of their dogs. I also remember one time I fell off my bike while riding up and down the dirt roads. When I fell, I lost a tooth! There are not neighbors for quite some way, so it was rare to see another car on the road. I can also remember riding my cousin’s four-wheeler through the pecan grove. This house sits right in the middle of a large grove – there were always pecans!
 We used to have egg hunts at Easter with my cousins, and many celebrations took place at this house. The family would get together to celebrate birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and just because. There was always the best food! And my grandmother, she made the best sweet tea. I can remember sitting on the cream-colored old counter-tops inside this house, drinking sweet tea out of those dark auburn glasses. This is a house full of memories.

I really had no intentions of getting out when we drove by, but I couldn’t resist taking a picture of Logan at this house. I hope one day I can tell her all of the stories, like my mom did, and she can appreciate the memories this house has. My mom still tells the best stories of her childhood. She tells great stories anyway, and she reminds me too much of her mom, “spinning her yarn,” but those stories made this house, and the memories at this house…special. My mom is very special, and her mom was very special. So this picture represents the four generations that this house of memories makes.


  1. What great memories. We live close to my Mom's family farm. It holds the same memories for me. I went out there a few months ago and captured everything..just the way it is. Not sure how long it will be that way. I want to keep those memories.

    And girl..your pics are gorgeous! You need to make them bigger on the blog so I can really drink them in! wink wink

  2. What a great, sentimental post. I'm sure Logan will appreciate this when she is older!

  3. no you didn't miss anything..we dont know the gender yet:D thanks for the prayers! its been a very hormonal/emotional few days on top of tooth pain:D