Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Somebody should watch this child. Really.


It is her new favorite room in the house. And yes, I know it is a hazard. Yes, there are child locks on the toilet. Yes, most times the bathroom door is closed.
But not this morning.

Throwing shreds of toilet paper in the toilet gave her about 10 minutes of entertainment
before I crashed her party.

Who would watch their child play at a toilet. Ew.  

*Just so you know, and don't think I'm just terrible, the toilet was clean.

Monday, April 26, 2010

little reader

Reading is so important, and I so hope Logan has a desire to read, and enjoys it.

I encourage reading around here...
just not under an end table.

I hope that she is a little reader.

horses, goats, and Logan..O my!

Yesterday we happened upon a place that had a few horses and goats. We thought Logan would enjoy them, so we got out and tried to let her see them up close. She thought the goats were dogs and she barked at them. They didn't want much to do with her. Next, horses. They were not interested in Logan either. We could not get one of them to even come close. She had a good time looking though.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Friday we had the most beautiful day. The weather was perfect. Sunny...breezy...perfect. We were having a neighborhood garage sale, so I participated and attempted to sale some of Logan's old clothes, as well as some other things. I have already gone through her clothes and picked out the items we want to keep, etc...Her little dresses were so cute. We kept some, but we just cant keep 50 dresses. I put them out and put a reasonable price on them. I decided I wouldn't take less and if they didn't sell, I would keep them. Everytime someone approached her dresses, I closed my eyes and prayed they would find something else they likes instead.

Customer: "How much for the dress"
Thinking in my head: don't want that dress. It's $100. And I am sure it will be way too small for your daughter.
Me: "Three dollars."
Customer "Will you take less?
Um, NO. That's my daughters dress you crazy woman, don't you know I really don't want to sell it?
Me "No, I am sorry, have a nice day!"

Why is it I have a strange emotional attachment to some of her clothing. It's clothing for pete's sake.

Yesterday it was supposed to storm pretty bad, possible tornadoes. I don't do tornadoes. Cody was at work, so I decided it would be best if we stayed at my parents house for the night, just in case. I didn't want to be waking Logan up out of bed at midnight, driving to my parents (they have a basement) and attempting to keep her asleep. I thought it would be easier if we were already there. Logan didn't. She loves it there, but apparently she only likes to sleep in her crib. We came back home at 3:30AM. Fun night, and thankfully no bad weather where we live.

Tonight we visited some horses and goats - pictures to come tomorrow!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Sorry for the lack of post. I'm slacking, I know. Things have been busy around here. Logan has discovered that she really likes me, and thinks she should be back inside of me. No really, she is at my feet most of the day, crying to be held. I have been cleaning her room; taking out winter, hanging up summer. The girl has so many clothes, it is unreal. She sure looks cute in them though - worth every penny :-)

I took Logan to the doctor on Monday. She looked at her and said she thought Logan's rash was a heat rash, not a milk allergy. She said the only way to confirm was to draw blood. Of course I did not want to do this, but it would be nice to know whether she really has an allergy or not. It would also test for all other possible allergies to food. I thought it was a good idea. Not so much. She was strapped to a board, screaming so hard she was turning blue, had a needle in each arm, fishing for a vein - we called it quits after thirty minutes of torture for the poor baby. No blood = no confirmation of allergies. Bummer. We will try again in about a month. She slept most of that afternoon. Since then, she has been the happiest baby - except of course when she is whining at my feet :-)

Her latest, greatest act...........she can clap!!!!! It is fun to watch her - she explores her tiny hands and softly puts them together. She also can fake a laugh really well these days. Yesterday, we went to Target - she was laid back in the buggy sideways with her leg thrown over the top laughing the entire time. Except it was a fake laugh. That made me laugh, which made her fake laugh even more. Funny scene at the TarJ yesterday.

She is a mess. 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

All things....

All things Logan.
It seems it has been a while since I have had a post dedicated to her. Nevermind, I think they all are :-)

She is officially 13 months old - I can't believe it.

We found out that she has an allergy to milk. I thought she had heat bumps on her skin. I justified that thought because we have been spending a great deal of time outside. She also has eczema. She had it when she was a baby, but it is returning now. These little bumps started about a month ago, when she started milk. She has been the happiest baby, the bumps didn't seem to bother her. After a while, I decided I should call the doctor just to let them know about the bumps. An hour later, the doctor called and said to stop all dairy.The bumps and eczema combined, a month after starting whole milk, screamed allergy to her. So, we have stopped all milk, (and milk products) and started soy milk. Yum. Doesn't quite taste like vanilla PediaSure and whole milk. Needless to say, she is not drinking nearly as much milk (soy) as before. What to do, what to do? We will remain dairy free for a month, and see about her skin then. Hopefully it will clear up.

This little girl is crusing everywhere. Her new skill of crawling is going to be left in the dust soon I am afraid. The therapists agree to continue to discourage walking, and to encourage more crawling. I can only do so much, the kid wants to pull up and walk. I do not think it will be long and she will be trying to let go. She has no fear.

She is silly as ever, and quite the entertainer.
beautiful baby girl

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Why is it that my chubby legs are not nearly as cute as her chubby legs?

and they are stinkin' cute.

and I couldn't help myself...I had to play with a shoe picture,
they just look cute on her chubby little legs. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It's been a while since I posted a RAW(e), but this week's theme is shoes. O Logan's feet are finally big enough for some shoes; even though she doesn't keep them on for longer than 4 seconds, they are cute. RAW(e) was started by Sami and encourages you to take pictures of a weekly theme, and post unedited. Let me tell you, I could have had fun editing this set.

Those are Logan's new kicks. They were a birthday gift, too cute huh?
She couldn't reach them to take them off in her swing :-)

Monday, April 12, 2010

as long

     as long as she will let me...

I will rock her to sleep
rub her head gently as she lays asleep in my arms.

I will cuddle her every morning when she wakes up
for as long as she wants.

I will carry her
when she wants to be held.

I will sing her silly songs
because it makes her smile.

I will whisper over and over
I love you
in her ear
because she likes it. 

I will put her in a bucket
to take her pictures.


While we are on the subject of rocking horses (remember?)...there is another one. Yep, another. Except this one has a name, and it's old, and it belonged to Cody's dad. So, pretty much everyone on that side of the family has used this horse. His name is Trigger, and we busted Trigger out at one of Logan's birthday parties. She is still a little small for Trigger, but as much as she loves rocking horses, I know he will get used a lot!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


For the first 28 days of Logan's precious life, someone else had the role of taking care of my baby. She was not healthy enough to leave the hospital and come home with us. The wonderful nurses fed her, held her, bathed her and comforted her while we were not able to be present. My heart was always at the hospital with Logan, but physically we were not able to stay there all the time. I went to the hospital every single day she was there. The only time Cody did not come was when he had to work. We stayed from morning until night. We would call to check on her as soon as we got to the car in the parking garage, in tears.

At first, there were rules to follow. You could not touch her certain ways, couldn't rub her skin, and couldn't rock her for fear of damaging her fragile brain. We could only visit at certain times. As the days went on, we were able to visit as often as we wanted, and hold her skin to skin. It was amazing to watch the effect it had on her. Her body temperature would rise within minutes of being placed on our chest, her respirations would even out, as well as her heart rate. Then came the time to put her back in her isolette, and leave for the night.


A couple of weeks later, we were able to participate in feeding Logan. During a feeding time, we would offer her the bottle. She started with one bottle a day. It took her almost three weeks before she was able to take all of her feeds by bottle. When she was able to do this, and keep her heart rate up, and no apneas, she would be discharged from the hospital.

A year ago today, Logan was discharged from the hospital, into our care. We were excited and scared at the same time. After all, we had not been caring for our daughter 24/7 since she was born. It was cold and windy when we came home. She was the smallest baby I think I have ever seen in a car seat. She was discharged at 5 pounds, 4oz. Cody drove home with both hands gripping the wheel tightly. A new home would be different for her. She did fantastic, and it felt great to have our daughter home.

We were able to feed her every bottle, change every diaper, soothe every cry, bathe her and hold her close all the time. It was wonderful, and still is. 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

rocky rock

Recently, Logan received a rocking horse for her birthday. Not just any rocking horse, but a handmade, amazing rocking horse. It is gorgeous and she loves it. I mean really, she loves it, a lot. I sometimes wish it had a slot to put a quarter in :-)

We have not named him, or her, but it deserves a name. It was an amazing gift, something we will treasure for years, from very special people, thank you!