Monday, April 5, 2010

Catch Up & More Easter Pics

Things are busy at our house. Just FYI, tearing up old hardwood floors and putting down new, while having a one year old that wants to be on the floor not that much fun. We are taking out our old floor, and we will have new put down on Wednesday. Logan plays downstairs most of the time, so living upstairs...she knows something is different! Hopefully by Thursday it will all be done.

Logan is doing fantastic. Her eating has improved greatly and I can really tell she is gaining weight. Her weight seems like it has constantly been an issue, but I am beginning to feel like we are getting over that hump. O, I think I left out a minor detail....Logan is crawling!!!!!! Yes, actually crawling...on all fours...not scooting...not army crawling...but using both legs appropriately and keeping her belly up and crawling! I will get a picture up soon. It is too cute. She is not very fast, but I know she will be. If she wants to get somewhere fast; she still scoots, but she crawls short distances. This is such a huge milestone for her, really huge. We are so proud of her. I don't care that most kids are walking by 12 months; mine is crawling, and we couldn't be happier!

Here are a few pictures from Easter....

My favorite :-)

I couldn't help but give these photos a vintage feel - it was appropriate for her dress and the setting. These were taken at her great-grandparents barn. It is beautiful. Logan was sitting on an old church pew. I love it.

Her dress was actually more pink than pictured above
It was beautiful, and so was she :-)


  1. Congrats on the milestone!!! How exciting! I just think you do an awesome job with the photos of your little girl. I like the feet pic too. I need to get more photos of my baby's feet. I know he'll be a teenager one day and I'll miss seeing the little cute feet ;)

  2. Oh, My Goodness! She is such a doll!!! LOVE the feet! Too sweet! ;)

  3. GORGEOUS!!! I have had lots of fun memories at that barn. You and Cody are so blessed to have this sweet baby girl!! Way to go with the crawling, Logan!!!

  4. Beautiful photos! I just found your blog through 'mom n me Monday' and I LOVE any blog with as many photos as you have, so I'll be your newest follower :) I also have a 1 year old preemie, my son was born 7 weeks early and spent 24 days at the hospital. Anyway, love your photos!

  5. Yay...she crawls!!

    I absolutely love the vintage look.
    Did you use an action?
    Just beautiful!

  6. She is lovely! I love those toes! Yikes! I need to get off of your site! It makes me get baby fever! And nobody at my house will think that's a good idea(including me!)