Monday, April 12, 2010

as long

     as long as she will let me...

I will rock her to sleep
rub her head gently as she lays asleep in my arms.

I will cuddle her every morning when she wakes up
for as long as she wants.

I will carry her
when she wants to be held.

I will sing her silly songs
because it makes her smile.

I will whisper over and over
I love you
in her ear
because she likes it. 

I will put her in a bucket
to take her pictures.


  1. Oh, MY!!! I just love, love, LOVE that last one!! TOO CUTE for words!

  2. You are a very smart mommy! I did not do this enough with Wes. I am making up for it with Felicity. Beautiful photos. Do you mind me asking where you get all her cute bows and hats?

  3. that's too cute! Connor loves that book..."as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be"

  4. awww i love the pictures..and very well said, mama!

  5. Precious. The last time I put L-boy in a bucket, he fell out! oops! But I got a great shot of him, in the bucket, and it totally looks like he's flipping me the bird! That was right before he fell.

  6. so gorgeous! you have awesome memories of her :)