Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Somebody should watch this child. Really.


It is her new favorite room in the house. And yes, I know it is a hazard. Yes, there are child locks on the toilet. Yes, most times the bathroom door is closed.
But not this morning.

Throwing shreds of toilet paper in the toilet gave her about 10 minutes of entertainment
before I crashed her party.

Who would watch their child play at a toilet. Ew.  

*Just so you know, and don't think I'm just terrible, the toilet was clean.


  1. ha!! darling! i think this will be Mia's favorite thing to do soon! and ps-that's the cleanest bathroom i think i've ever seen! i'm off to clean mine now! lol

  2. So precious! What a beautiful bathroom (love the color!), and I love little Logan's curls!! ;)

  3. Haha Felicity is fascinated by the toilet as well, she however never gets to play because with Wesley using is never safe. :P

    I looked at the site I bought her book from and I do not think they make it anymore because I could not find it! Here's the site maybe if you really wanted it you could call and ask them about it.

  4. Ha ha ha...You KNOW I would!! (watch my child play in the toilet!) You should see what L-boy has been up to this week. I'm seriously thinking L-boy and Logan are a match made in heaven. There first meeting could be a "play date" in the bathroom!

  5. and in true form you took pictures of the whole thing! Im so glad you did!

  6. I love it. It's my 12 month olds favorite activity as well. All potties have to immediately be closed or he's trying to stick his fingers in and the toilet paper now sits on the back of the potty or it's being pulled across the floor.