Sunday, April 25, 2010


Friday we had the most beautiful day. The weather was perfect. Sunny...breezy...perfect. We were having a neighborhood garage sale, so I participated and attempted to sale some of Logan's old clothes, as well as some other things. I have already gone through her clothes and picked out the items we want to keep, etc...Her little dresses were so cute. We kept some, but we just cant keep 50 dresses. I put them out and put a reasonable price on them. I decided I wouldn't take less and if they didn't sell, I would keep them. Everytime someone approached her dresses, I closed my eyes and prayed they would find something else they likes instead.

Customer: "How much for the dress"
Thinking in my head: don't want that dress. It's $100. And I am sure it will be way too small for your daughter.
Me: "Three dollars."
Customer "Will you take less?
Um, NO. That's my daughters dress you crazy woman, don't you know I really don't want to sell it?
Me "No, I am sorry, have a nice day!"

Why is it I have a strange emotional attachment to some of her clothing. It's clothing for pete's sake.

Yesterday it was supposed to storm pretty bad, possible tornadoes. I don't do tornadoes. Cody was at work, so I decided it would be best if we stayed at my parents house for the night, just in case. I didn't want to be waking Logan up out of bed at midnight, driving to my parents (they have a basement) and attempting to keep her asleep. I thought it would be easier if we were already there. Logan didn't. She loves it there, but apparently she only likes to sleep in her crib. We came back home at 3:30AM. Fun night, and thankfully no bad weather where we live.

Tonight we visited some horses and goats - pictures to come tomorrow!


  1. I have not attempted to sell the kids clothes yet. I've thought about it but they are still neatly folded in rubbermaid boxes. :-) I'm glad there were not tornadoes! I would be very scared.

  2. I totally hear ya on the kids clothes. I haven't gotten rid of ONE of Summer's little dresses..and oh my...did she have dresses when she was little. I spent 18 months collecting clothes for her during the adoption process. She was only able to wear some of the things 1 time. CRAZY. Can't wait to see Logan and the goats!

  3. i despise tornados as well!! ack! i can't believe your getting rid of logan's dresses. i cried when i packed up a lot of mia's from last summer...she didnt wear a lot of them since she was a newborn. this summer i'm starting to stock up on some from garage sales! Logan looks darling reading under the end table in the above post as well!

  4. That's funny!! This whole post made me laugh. We stayed at my parents, too! (haha!)