Thursday, April 22, 2010


Sorry for the lack of post. I'm slacking, I know. Things have been busy around here. Logan has discovered that she really likes me, and thinks she should be back inside of me. No really, she is at my feet most of the day, crying to be held. I have been cleaning her room; taking out winter, hanging up summer. The girl has so many clothes, it is unreal. She sure looks cute in them though - worth every penny :-)

I took Logan to the doctor on Monday. She looked at her and said she thought Logan's rash was a heat rash, not a milk allergy. She said the only way to confirm was to draw blood. Of course I did not want to do this, but it would be nice to know whether she really has an allergy or not. It would also test for all other possible allergies to food. I thought it was a good idea. Not so much. She was strapped to a board, screaming so hard she was turning blue, had a needle in each arm, fishing for a vein - we called it quits after thirty minutes of torture for the poor baby. No blood = no confirmation of allergies. Bummer. We will try again in about a month. She slept most of that afternoon. Since then, she has been the happiest baby - except of course when she is whining at my feet :-)

Her latest, greatest act...........she can clap!!!!! It is fun to watch her - she explores her tiny hands and softly puts them together. She also can fake a laugh really well these days. Yesterday, we went to Target - she was laid back in the buggy sideways with her leg thrown over the top laughing the entire time. Except it was a fake laugh. That made me laugh, which made her fake laugh even more. Funny scene at the TarJ yesterday.

She is a mess. 


  1. Oh no how tramatic! Felicity needs blood drawn on Monday. I was not scared but now I am. Ugh. Don't you just love babies fake laughing. It cracks me up!

  2. Oh my...we have been through the blood draw thing too many times. Horrible! Loved the TarJ story. Too cute. Missed you! Hey, I have a great idea..what would you think of editing a picture or two of mine. I would love to see what you do with them. I just love your editing process. If NOT...don't worry, I take rejection well!

  3. What version of Lightroom are you using? I use the Free trial of 3 beta 2. In that version you to to Edit then Edit Watermarks. Make a water mark and place it on your photo. Don't be alarmed when you click save and it is not on your photo. WHen you go to export scroll done till you see watermarks, check the box and tada watermark. :) Let me know if I confused you.

  4. sorry about the bad experience at the doctor's office. hope it's just the heat. milk is delicious :)