Friday, July 30, 2010

were back...

Yep, I took a little bloggy break. I must admit, it was pretty nice. But I missed blogging, so, were back!

Did you miss this face?
Why her hair is curly on one side and not the other, no idea.

I have been productive during my little bloggy break. I got closets cleaned and organized, bagged clothes to be donated, spent a great deal of time with little Logan, and just...enjoyed.

I have also been working on my photography blog. Yep, a blog to show some of my photography. This is a new venture for me, and I will not be linking the two blogs very often. I will keep my personal blog personal, and my photography blog, well, about photography. Check it out of you want - Brianne from busy.b custom designs has been helping me design and she is just amazing. Check her out if you need any design work done - she is super friendly and helpful. Enough about that - on to more important things, like Logan!

This little love is such a ham. Our bed is her favorite place to be. She loves just laying on the pillows and rolling all around on it! She was "helping" me with the clothes in these pictures, big helper. She likes to "jump" on the bed, even though she can't really jump, she thinks she can :-) She is such a silly girl!
I have an entire post of all things Logan coming soon, it has been a while and we have lots of changes!
Glad to be back to the bloggy world :-)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


who let her up there?

O, that would be me!!
When she was tugging on my legs,
screaming "mama,"
 (remember, separation anxiety is at our house and apparently touching my legs was
not good enough, we needed to be eye level with one another while I washed dishes)
I was left with no other choice!
I put her up there and she was happy as can be!
Apparently, once she was up there
some little monkey discovered a banana on the counter!

She and her mismatched socks were telling me
she wanted to EAT!

"eat" has become her favorite sign...haha
silly little monkey

yes, I realize this was dangerous
hold your horses, I was a foot away and she was carefully supervised.

Monday, July 19, 2010

another fun place

After we left the aquarium this past weekend, we decided we didn't want to give up on Logan having a good time, so we walked across the street to the Children's Museum. I knew she would be too little, but we wanted to try it and see what it was like. We are going to take her back once she starts walking, she will LOVE this place!!!

Daddy's favorite...

They had "moon sand," which was nice because it molded and was fun to touch, but didn't leave you with the grain of real sand. She wasn't huge on the moon sand, but didn't hate it either. She loved the block area, and it was nice because she could crawl around. She loved the "connect" things - she of course didn't understand how to use them properly, but she enjoyed throwing them :-) They had a water area that she was too short to reach, but she still liked it. They had a small area for babies/toddlers and she enjoyed that area.

We are sure when we go back, there will be no keeping up with her. She was intrigued by everything there, and wanted it ALL. We had a fun day with our girl and we look forward to doing it again, soon!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

fa fa

Fa Fa = fish.

Yesterday we went downtown to take Logan to the aquarium!!!

She loves fish, so we thought she would especially enjoy the aquarium.
She even sported her fish shirt!
She would have had a blast, but it was so crowded,
and much to her dislike,
she was not the only person there
to enjoy the fish.

Getting decent pictures was impossible -
there were just too many people.
No flash allowed, but I busted out
my pop-up a few times...
shhhh.....don't tell :-)

We plan on going back when school is in.
Logan would have liked it if she could have
stood in one spot and just looked and played at the glass the whole time.
We missed a few of the exhibits -
she wasn't a huge fan of being held, or the stroller.
A waddling toddler holding mom or dads hand while walking
at a snails pace, just doesn't mix with a fast moving crowd.

After we left (pretty rapidly...) the aquarium, we walked across the street
to another fun place!

Overall, we had a very fun day and we are anxious to take Logan
back to the aquarium when she is a little bit older and it will be
less crowded!

and now she has another fish shirt to wear!!
Just what she needed...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

you didn't...

You didn't notice...
and if you did,
you didn't comment!!!
(you know who you are...:-) Just kidding...

Logan has hit another big milestone!
It is something she has been working very hard on for several months.
Her therapist is very pleased at her recent progress...






own!!! one was holding her.
ALL by herself!
Now, she didn't get that way on her own, but that too will come!
The point is - she DID it!
Actually, she stood that day for probably 2 minutes.
She wasn't happy about it, but she did it.
Since then, she will stand more independently for longer amounts of time,
but she knows instantly when you let go!

She is getting so big, so fast.
I really don't care at what age she walks, jumps, hops...
as long as she is healthy and happy
I hope she always knows how proud of her I am.
She is such a blessing

Sunday, July 11, 2010

it has hit

It's official....separation anxiety has officially hit our house. And we have a bad case of it. Mommy-itis would be the diagnosis I suppose. Don't get me wrong, hearing Mama is a beautiful sound, but I have been hearing it about 5,697 times a day, and that's only a slight exaggeration. She calls me very loud and with great authority. It is sweet as can be, but in all honestly, sometimes my sanity is at stake. Going to the bathroom alone is rare, and showering, haha; she opens the glass door (cold!) and cries mama until I am finished. Even though sometimes it gets on my nerves, I truly am grateful to be able to be called mama.

This mama has clothes to be washing, clothes to be drying, clothes to be folded, and some to be put away...I think I better get to doing my laundry!

And just because this little love who has mommy-itis is so are some pictures!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

my my my

Every morning a few minutes after Logan get up, she is ready for breakfast. I usually put her in her chair and give her a few cheerios while I prepare her breakfast. Patience isn't really her thing, so I have to give her something while she waits! This morning, I put the cheerios down, she starting having a come apart - she wanted the cheerios put back IN the box, so she could reach her hand in and get them herself....seriously.

She also eats her bananas by herself now -

where did my baby go?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Logan's vocabulary is really starting to take-off! She repeats just about everything, and knows several words and what they mean. Along with a handful of other words, these are her most common words/sounds...

Ba - bear
Ba - bottle
Ba - ball ball
Ba - Bonnie (my dog at my parent's house)
Ba - bath
Ba - Uncle Bobby
Ba - baby
Ba - bed
Ba - bubbles

I think she has the B down...
and yes, I know what each and every Ba means when she says it :-)

black/white wednesday

I love this picture. It is my background on my computer (for now!). I love the way her hair curls perfectly at the ends, and I love how you can tell she is in deep thought, which is so her.

When I was pregnant, I could not imagine what Logan would look like; what color hair or eyes she would have, or what her personality would be like. We would sit and say, "O, I think she will have your nose, or she will be tall like you!"
We could have done that all day; but truth is,
she is who she is
and I love it that way...

This is not a typical black/white conversion for me, but I love it.  
I'm linking up with The Long Road to China, her black and whites are always amazing!

Monday, July 5, 2010

our holiday...

All American Girl

When you think July 4th, you think cookout - or at least I do! So this year Cody and I decided to have a cookout at our house and we enjoyed family and friends over last night! Surrounded by grandparents and great-grandparents, there was no lack of attention for little Logan. I think somebody was either holding her, walking her, or feeding her at all times! Needless to say, she was exhausted!

Logan got a new pool, complete with a sprayer - awesome! We set it up and her water table out back. She had a wonderful time outside and she enjoyed her dinner and dessert pretty well too! She was a big fan of watermelon, and YooHoo (homemade) ice cream!
We didn't make it to fireworks this year, Logan just never would have made it that late.
We had a wonderful 4th and hope ya'll did too!

Saturday, July 3, 2010