Saturday, July 17, 2010

fa fa

Fa Fa = fish.

Yesterday we went downtown to take Logan to the aquarium!!!

She loves fish, so we thought she would especially enjoy the aquarium.
She even sported her fish shirt!
She would have had a blast, but it was so crowded,
and much to her dislike,
she was not the only person there
to enjoy the fish.

Getting decent pictures was impossible -
there were just too many people.
No flash allowed, but I busted out
my pop-up a few times...
shhhh.....don't tell :-)

We plan on going back when school is in.
Logan would have liked it if she could have
stood in one spot and just looked and played at the glass the whole time.
We missed a few of the exhibits -
she wasn't a huge fan of being held, or the stroller.
A waddling toddler holding mom or dads hand while walking
at a snails pace, just doesn't mix with a fast moving crowd.

After we left (pretty rapidly...) the aquarium, we walked across the street
to another fun place!

Overall, we had a very fun day and we are anxious to take Logan
back to the aquarium when she is a little bit older and it will be
less crowded!

and now she has another fish shirt to wear!!
Just what she needed...


  1. Aww look at her teeth! How many does she have now? She looks like she is just about to let go and walk off on her own. :)

  2. How cute is she! We have yet to take Noah to the aquarium.. I've been dying to take him. I think you got some fabulous shots! I especially love the close up of her near the glass with the fish. Cute cute! Hope y'all are having a great weekend!

  3. I love her toothy smile!!!! adorable! mia would love the aquarium too..but summer time is just too busy for places and with little ones, its harder-tehy want their independence! i can't believe she is starting to much fun for her:)

  4. I love the pictures, especially the one with her holding Cody's hand. She is so pretty!We went to the aquarium in Gatlinberg and JaiunaVae loved it!

  5. I'm dying over the tooth picture. So sweet. Oh I missed seeing little girl's face this past week!! What a fun trip to see the "fa fas"!!

  6. She is so cute! I just found out about your blog a few weeks ago!! I love your pictures Victoria!!!

  7. We want to go to the aquarium in the fall...maybe we could plan a day together? I think Andie would love it when she is a little older...maybe they could have fun together. :)