Sunday, July 11, 2010

it has hit

It's official....separation anxiety has officially hit our house. And we have a bad case of it. Mommy-itis would be the diagnosis I suppose. Don't get me wrong, hearing Mama is a beautiful sound, but I have been hearing it about 5,697 times a day, and that's only a slight exaggeration. She calls me very loud and with great authority. It is sweet as can be, but in all honestly, sometimes my sanity is at stake. Going to the bathroom alone is rare, and showering, haha; she opens the glass door (cold!) and cries mama until I am finished. Even though sometimes it gets on my nerves, I truly am grateful to be able to be called mama.

This mama has clothes to be washing, clothes to be drying, clothes to be folded, and some to be put away...I think I better get to doing my laundry!

And just because this little love who has mommy-itis is so are some pictures!


  1. ahhaha how cute!! i dont get to go to the bathroom alone either, unless she's napping! ha!

  2. I can't get over those curls! ^_^ What a beautiful blessing she is!

    I completely know what you mean! As frustrating (and yes, hate to say it, but annoying) it can be, it's also amazing!

  3. I understand. mommy is the best and worst word on the planet.

  4. I SOO understand where you are coming from! :) It's a good feeling knowing that you are so wanted but on the other hand...peeing alone would be great!

  5. She is a cute mama's girl! It hits our house and then leaves, then comes back again.