Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Logan's vocabulary is really starting to take-off! She repeats just about everything, and knows several words and what they mean. Along with a handful of other words, these are her most common words/sounds...

Ba - bear
Ba - bottle
Ba - ball ball
Ba - Bonnie (my dog at my parent's house)
Ba - bath
Ba - Uncle Bobby
Ba - baby
Ba - bed
Ba - bubbles

I think she has the B down...
and yes, I know what each and every Ba means when she says it :-)


  1. hahah i seriously just LOL'd. my hubs asked what i was laughing at. you know you're a mommy when you can differentiate between Ba's! in our case it's EHH! (in a whiny voice:) )
    hope you guys are doing well!

    oh ps-i emailed you the other day-i hope you got it!

  2. You ROCK at momhood. Baby language can be hard.

    Aren't language explosions fun?

    Hope you're enjoying the summer. Can you believe next week marks mid-July?

    Much love...

  3. How cute! I can add one more Ba- Brad says Ba for banana! :)

  4. HAHA!! You are an awesome Mommy! That's a lot of Ba's to know! hehehe very funny :)

    How she sitting now with her legs?

  5. Oh too cute!! Owen is just at the high pitch screech - I can't wait for words, even if they're all 'ba' :)

  6. LOL!!! that is hysterical.