Tuesday, June 29, 2010

she's got...

she's got...
Walk Crawls -personality
talk Babbles - personality
Smile - personality
charm - personality
Love - personality

o, you know the song!!

As Logan's personality is beginning to emerge more and more...
I am falling in love with her more and more.

She has always been quite a serious baby,
not one to easily get a smile out of.
Usually when we try to get her to smile,
she looks at us like...
"they sure are acting silly..."

We have only actually heard her actually "belly laugh"
a handful of times.
She giggles and chuckles, but rarely ever laughs.
However, she has quite the sense of humor.
She knows when she is being silly,
and fake laughs when you tell her she is being funny!
Silly Girl

When she is in the right mood...
she pulls out all of her tricks.
She fake laughs
fake coughs
shows you how big she is
mimics most all sounds and noises
shakes her booty
She loves her toys, but would rather try to figure out how they work
rather than play with them.
She loves baby dolls...
we have quite an accumulation of them around the house
(one in each room, and the car).

She is very curious and interested.
Often times, at a restaurant she is too distracted to eat.
She is nosey, and watches everyone and everything!

She is beautiful, and I love her great big personality!

Monday, June 28, 2010

an evening...

An evening of swimming was in store for us last night.
Logan is a fish, she loves the water.

She swam,
got her head wet,
and even went under a few times!

her fingers wrinkle so fast...
she is becoming a bit more cautious of the water
(thanks everyone for the floaty recommendations! the one pictured worked pretty well!)
which I am glad of...

After her swim,
she enjoyed a little snack of peaches.

She is such as mess, 
getting more and more 
independent each day. 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

o me...

these precious little feet make my heart melt
I love her tiny feet
and her tiny toes

these feet are trying so hard to walk...
and they will,
soon enough

I love her painted toenails
and she does too!
When you ask her if she likes her toes...
she looks down, grabs her feet, and smiles...

the wrinkles in these feet
after swimming, or a bath
are just precious

little toes,
so tiny

I hope these beautiful, perfect feet
take my little girl wherever she wants to go

Friday, June 25, 2010


well, it is a walker...

yep, we own a walker. I know...it's against the rules these days. However, we purchased this for Logan because we thought it was cute, and we didn't know any different. We quickly found out it is not a great item to have around, and Logan did not need to be using one (per her physical therapist). So, we put it away for many months. Recently we got it out, and she thinks its a great push toy! Look close, her baby is getting a ride - hey, at least somebody is sitting in it :-)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

black and white wednesday

I am linking up again with The Long Road to China's Black and White Wednesday!

This is a tutu Logan has had since she was 5 months old - I wanted to see if it still fit - it does :-)

We are off to enjoy an afternoon with friends -

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So - I decided to try and take some "father's day" pictures of Logan for Cody. When did I decide to do this- on Father's Day of course!!! I would never wait until the last minute to do something like that - ever. But, since I did, I rounded up some of Cody's tractors. He has a collection of tractors; some new, some old. I thought it would be cute to have her playing with a few of his tractors. The idea was great - but I'm sure you guessed - she wanted no part of it. I also tried another shot of her wearing one of his ties - nope, not having that either. Needless to say, none of these pictures were frame worthy, and I'm not happy with the conversions either! I hope to maybe try and redo this when she is older - I know it will be cute, I just know it will be!!

you should see the other 100 - whew. He didn't get a framed picture of this...:-)

We have had a busy day - we went swimming again. The heat and water wears Logan out. She hasn't been napping very good, but I am guessing that's because she is cutting two teeth - they are almost in.

Sorry about the lack of blogging - Logan has been wearing me out everyday, so when bedtime comes - I go to bed. I usually blog, edit pictures, etc...at night after she goes to bed, but lately my pillow has been calling my name. I'm sure you all understand :-)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

daddy love...

Logan has an amazing father. Last year, special days seemed to be a blur - Logan was new, tiny, and fussy! Celebrating special days were the last thing on our minds. This year, Cody worked Mother's Day & Father's Day. Not very much fun. That makes it hard to "make it special," because the upcoming week holds work also - however, the time that he spends with Logan, is pretty magical :-)

first time holding her

Logan is Daddy's girl for sure.
                                                  She loves to crawl all over him on the floor
she loves playing with his ears
she loves it when he gets her tickles
She feels safe in the arms of her Daddy...

I won't speak for all men, but I can say for sure that Cody had no idea what was coming to him when we found out we were expecting. We would listen to her heart rate on the little doppler every night. On the nights he worked, I recorded it on my phone and sent it to him. We picked out a name for her, even began completing her baby book. He was excited, but it wasn't real. He saw the kicks, saw her little face on an ultrasound, heard her heartbeat, but it wasn't real until that beautiful moment when she entered this world. At that moment, he was Logan's Daddy, and nothing else mattered. He followed her to the NICU and stayed as long as they allowed. He came back with pictures. He called in the middle of the night to check on her when she was in the hospital. After she was home, he did everything he could to help and be a great dad. Logan is truly blessed, and there is such real love between the two -

Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 18, 2010


It was no surprise that Logan actually enjoyed this bucket being on her head.
Actually, she loved it.
silly girl 

We have had a busy, busy week.
We had done Vacation Bible School one day, a check-up, a funeral, physical therapy,
and today we went swimming and enjoyed an evening at home!

Have a great weekend, and enjoy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Recently, well...not so recently anymore - I was awarded two blog awards! Honestly, I am not real sure what to do with them, but hey...it's an award right!?!

Julie over at The Peanut Gallery awarded me the Happy 101 award!
Thanks Julie! Julie has a great blog about her family and photography, check it out!
Her youngest son is adorable, and there has already been a marriage arranged - haha.

I was awarded this award by Snap Shots of Happiness - I just love her blog and her
wonderful pictures. She has two beautiful children, and her youngest daughter is
close in age with Logan - I just know they would have fun together!

I believe I am supposed to list ten things that make me happy,
and ten things that you probably didn't know about me -
that is a lot of stuff.
So here goes...

10 things that make me happy...
1. My family - that's obvious. I love being around my family.

2. laughing so hard you tinkle on yourself cry.

3. taking pictures and editing...I'm a geek, I know.

4. finishing something I started

5. waking up and looking at the clock and realizing you still have a few hours to sleep when you thought it was time to get up!

6. waking Logan up in the mornings, nothing beats that smile.

7. food. :-)

8. the ocean...I love it.

9. Diet Coke - and not out of the can. I like it out of the fountain over ice. It's great.

10. being tan. Even though I am lily white right now, I love having a tan.

10 9 things you may not have known about me:
1. I have always had a truck. My first vehicle was a Ford Ranger, and yes, it was what I wanted. Then I had a small Toyota Tacoma. Then I had a 4door Tacoma, red, I loved it. Now, I have an SUV.

2. I have 13 pieces of metal in my back and I have had 3 major surgeries to correct a back problem.

3. I love to watch the Duggars. I know all their names - haha. I know everyone has their opinion, but I am proud of what they stand for on television. I don't care how many children they have, they love the Lord and are not afraid to share it.

4. I have a degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education. I graduated in December, and delivered Logan in March. Where we live, teachers are not in high demand, but I know my time will eventually come. In the meantime, I am loving being with my little girl, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

5. Animals really aren't my thing - don't beat me up! I love them for other people, just not for me! I would love to have some outside animals one day, just not a fan of inside pets.

6. I have one sibling, a brother. He is older than me.

7. I would love to travel, but don't think I ever will.

8. I have the love of God in my heart, and it is my hope I will let my light shine and Logan will
be able to see Christ in me.

9. I used to love to scrapbook. I still have all my stuff :-) I am a nerd at heart - I love paper, crayons,
markers, sharpie's, and anything crafty!

that was very hard, and took much longer than I expected! I hope you enjoyed reading a few things about me!

To pass along...
Happy 101 - Jess at Our Little Blessings
Honest Scrap - Whitney and Everyday Moments

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

15 months

Can you believe this little girl is already 15 months old?!
It is going too fast.

She is doing more and more each day,
she amazes me.

At her 15 month check up today,
she weighs: 17lbs 9 oz
height: 29"
she is small, but we already knew that!
She wears about a size 6 month clothes, size 2 shoe.

She speaks a few words: mama, up, baby and yuck
She also has a few signs: milk, more, all done, please, eat
she has been introduced to several more signs,
and is slowly beginning to sign them back...
It is wonderful and I would highly recommend signing.

She still takes two naps a day, anywhere from 1-2 hours each.
She is still sleeping great at night also.

Her hair is out of control!
straight on top, and curly in the back!

screaming matches are among her favorite things to do right now
along with...
holding her baby
sitting with Mommy and Daddy
playing outside in the water
looking at books
throwing stuff out of her bag - she destroys her diaper bag daily

She is beautiful...
my 15 month old.