Friday, June 25, 2010


well, it is a walker...

yep, we own a walker. I's against the rules these days. However, we purchased this for Logan because we thought it was cute, and we didn't know any different. We quickly found out it is not a great item to have around, and Logan did not need to be using one (per her physical therapist). So, we put it away for many months. Recently we got it out, and she thinks its a great push toy! Look close, her baby is getting a ride - hey, at least somebody is sitting in it :-)


  1. this is so cute!!! I love that her baby is in there. She's too much. I really like her jammies.

  2. Too cute! She NEEDS a baby stroller! :) Felicity got one for her birthday from Fisher Price its base is wide and its sturdy enough that she pushed it around before she could walk. It's a really nice stroller. :) It can also be used as a climbing aid to get onto the couch or to touch the tv. ;)

  3. I don't have one either but I'm sure my baby would do the same, just push toys around. Too cute!

  4. Too cute!! At least you get to use it, even if it's only for her dolls :)

  5. Every baby needs a ride!

    Hope you are having a great summer. My girls being home full time has thrown a wrench into my blogging habits. The sand box, popsicles, bikes, and the sprinkler have become the priority. :)

    My Sunday blog party is up... link up if you get a chance!

    Much love...