Thursday, June 17, 2010


Recently, well...not so recently anymore - I was awarded two blog awards! Honestly, I am not real sure what to do with them, but's an award right!?!

Julie over at The Peanut Gallery awarded me the Happy 101 award!
Thanks Julie! Julie has a great blog about her family and photography, check it out!
Her youngest son is adorable, and there has already been a marriage arranged - haha.

I was awarded this award by Snap Shots of Happiness - I just love her blog and her
wonderful pictures. She has two beautiful children, and her youngest daughter is
close in age with Logan - I just know they would have fun together!

I believe I am supposed to list ten things that make me happy,
and ten things that you probably didn't know about me -
that is a lot of stuff.
So here goes...

10 things that make me happy...
1. My family - that's obvious. I love being around my family.

2. laughing so hard you tinkle on yourself cry.

3. taking pictures and editing...I'm a geek, I know.

4. finishing something I started

5. waking up and looking at the clock and realizing you still have a few hours to sleep when you thought it was time to get up!

6. waking Logan up in the mornings, nothing beats that smile.

7. food. :-)

8. the ocean...I love it.

9. Diet Coke - and not out of the can. I like it out of the fountain over ice. It's great.

10. being tan. Even though I am lily white right now, I love having a tan.

10 9 things you may not have known about me:
1. I have always had a truck. My first vehicle was a Ford Ranger, and yes, it was what I wanted. Then I had a small Toyota Tacoma. Then I had a 4door Tacoma, red, I loved it. Now, I have an SUV.

2. I have 13 pieces of metal in my back and I have had 3 major surgeries to correct a back problem.

3. I love to watch the Duggars. I know all their names - haha. I know everyone has their opinion, but I am proud of what they stand for on television. I don't care how many children they have, they love the Lord and are not afraid to share it.

4. I have a degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education. I graduated in December, and delivered Logan in March. Where we live, teachers are not in high demand, but I know my time will eventually come. In the meantime, I am loving being with my little girl, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

5. Animals really aren't my thing - don't beat me up! I love them for other people, just not for me! I would love to have some outside animals one day, just not a fan of inside pets.

6. I have one sibling, a brother. He is older than me.

7. I would love to travel, but don't think I ever will.

8. I have the love of God in my heart, and it is my hope I will let my light shine and Logan will
be able to see Christ in me.

9. I used to love to scrapbook. I still have all my stuff :-) I am a nerd at heart - I love paper, crayons,
markers, sharpie's, and anything crafty!

that was very hard, and took much longer than I expected! I hope you enjoyed reading a few things about me!

To pass along...
Happy 101 - Jess at Our Little Blessings
Honest Scrap - Whitney and Everyday Moments


  1. Laugh till you tickle! haha LOVE IT! Oh man I used to scrapbook too. I still have all my stuff and one day I will do it again, just not anytime soon. :) It was neat learning more about you. We seem to have a lot in common but I love animals inside and out and never had back surgery but I guess we can still be blogger friends. ;)

  2. I like the Duggars too. I think if you can provide for and especially love and nurture the children who cares how many you have! I think they are sweet.

  3. I love the duggars too! :D i don;'t know all their names..but they are such a great family and lead by a great example.

    thanks for the bloggy award! i can't link to other blogs on my blog(something is up with blogger), but i'll post your address and hopefully send some friends your way:D


  4. Hey...I watch the Duggars on occasion too!! They seem like such a fun family!! Don't know how they do it..but they seem to manage perfectly!!

    Yep...I love being tan too...even though it is a sign of unhealthy skin! (Or at least that is what I learned in nursing school!) phooey!

    It was so fun to read some "personal" things about you!! Logan is blessed to have a mommy who loves Jesus and her family so much!