Monday, June 28, 2010

an evening...

An evening of swimming was in store for us last night.
Logan is a fish, she loves the water.

She swam,
got her head wet,
and even went under a few times!

her fingers wrinkle so fast...
she is becoming a bit more cautious of the water
(thanks everyone for the floaty recommendations! the one pictured worked pretty well!)
which I am glad of...

After her swim,
she enjoyed a little snack of peaches.

She is such as mess, 
getting more and more 
independent each day. 


  1. Beautiful as always!! After reading Liz's blog I got my hubby to build me a garden box in the backyard... I'm really liking your pool.... I wonder if it would fit.... haha kidding, our backyard is way too small, but I love the memories you're building with little Logan in the pool. She's so adorable!

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  3. Just another thing L-boy and Logan have in common. WATER BABIES!!!

  4. Connor has always been a water baby, and I am so thankful for that! I'm so glad Logie loves the water, too!

  5. What a brave little water baby! My kids are both little fish, no fear in's a good thing and a bad thing.