Tuesday, June 29, 2010

she's got...

she's got...
Walk Crawls -personality
talk Babbles - personality
Smile - personality
charm - personality
Love - personality

o, you know the song!!

As Logan's personality is beginning to emerge more and more...
I am falling in love with her more and more.

She has always been quite a serious baby,
not one to easily get a smile out of.
Usually when we try to get her to smile,
she looks at us like...
"they sure are acting silly..."

We have only actually heard her actually "belly laugh"
a handful of times.
She giggles and chuckles, but rarely ever laughs.
However, she has quite the sense of humor.
She knows when she is being silly,
and fake laughs when you tell her she is being funny!
Silly Girl

When she is in the right mood...
she pulls out all of her tricks.
She fake laughs
fake coughs
shows you how big she is
mimics most all sounds and noises
shakes her booty
She loves her toys, but would rather try to figure out how they work
rather than play with them.
She loves baby dolls...
we have quite an accumulation of them around the house
(one in each room, and the car).

She is very curious and interested.
Often times, at a restaurant she is too distracted to eat.
She is nosey, and watches everyone and everything!

She is beautiful, and I love her great big personality!


  1. She is so beautiful! These pictures are great!
    My Mack is my most serious child. He doesn't laugh as easily as the other two, but when we get a big belly laugh out of him, even at age 7, it's the best sound ever.

  2. she is beyond beautiful. I want her to teach Conner to shake his booty.

  3. I love her seriousness..mia takes a lot of those pictures too. cracks me up that she shakes her booty..silly girl. how much they change so fast!

  4. Those pictures are amazing! She is such a beautiful baby girl.

    I love watching their little personalities emerge. Such a gift :)

  5. I just love the look on her face in that last shot!! Priceless!!