Friday, June 4, 2010

sunglasses and magazines...

I should have saved this picture for a wordless Wednesday...
there are no words :-)

Check out our little love in a local magazine!
Logan Magazine - click page 4-5 - she is at the top of page 5
It is a picture from our beach trip last year
she has grown SO much!!

Also, thank you so much for all the comments
from the before and after post yesterday
they were all so kind, I really appreciate it!


  1. What cute glasses! Awww baby Logan in the magazine. Too cute :)

  2. No words....except for...SHE ROCKS!!

  3. awww she's looks like a 1950's girl! TOOOOO CUTE!!!! and the magazine...she's changed SO MUCH! adorable. simply adorable.

  4. i got your comment! that would be so awesome! you are truly one of the nicest bloggy gals i've met! :D
    Do you have email? i can't find it on your page...mine is i'll be uploading some recent ones this weekend. but her 1st b-day is next weekend, so i might wait to send a few. i'm not sure. :D

  5. She's got that cool mod squad look going. What a cutie!
    They couldn't have found a prettier baby for the magazine! Great picture!
    And by the way, I'm sooo borrowing "hit with a sack of flour." Best description ever!