Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We have been busy practicing with Logan trying to get her standing, walking, etc...She does great cruising, and has stood independantly a few times. We are working with her trying to get her to stand from the floor, as opposed to always having to have something to pull up on. She had been doing well at physical therapy, and still is, but last week her therapist noticed she was "W-Sitting." This sitting position is usually a phase in a lot of kids, that doesn't affect them. However, in a child that may have mobility issues, and does not like to cross her midline to begin with, this sitting position is not a great idea for her. It does not allow trunk rotation, and is a very secure way of sitting, not making her work and use her muscles. You can read more about "w-sitting" here and here.

this is "w-sitting"

We now find ourselves saying, "fix your legs..." several times a day. Hopefully this is just a phase for her and we can stop it before it becomes a habit.

She will walk behind a push toy. When she walks, she is throwing her right leg out. The therapist will continue to monitor this.

We are so proud of the progress she has made in the last few months, and we look forward to watching her continue to make great progress!

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  1. i love when you do updates on logan! i sometimes forget how much you have to monitor and work with her b/c in all your pictures she is playing and so beautiful! (which she still is in posts like this too-you get my drift;) ) I noticed Mia started sitting like that the other day. It looks very uncomfortable, in my opinion. I am curious, how does Logan react when you tell her to 'fix her legs' and encourage her to stand up and walk with out assistance? she's so precious!!
    and thanks for the bottle comment-made me feel better:) and that's what i thought as well.

  2. Good for you taking such a proactive parenting approach. This job they titled "Mom" is such an every second of every day kind of job it can be easy to let things go. I'm sure she will respond well to your re-direction. I’ll be back to see how she does. ;-)

    I'm so glad you found the info on my blog useful!!! Come back sometime just for the fun of it too.
    Best wishes!!!

  3. hopefully she will listen when you tell her to "fix her legs". I'm glad the therapists are on top of it; I don't think you'd have it any other way though.

  4. Felicity sits that way sometimes too. Could it be that she is just comfy that way? She seems so strong in her photos I forget that she is overcoming so many obstacles. She has come so far since I started reading your blog and she is so stink'n cute! :)

  5. You are such great parents..way to go..I know she's gonna catch up. When I think of all that C-boy went through...and how far behind he was when he was three (he tested at 18 month for motor skills)...and then look at him now..I am amazed.

    I voted again...she's moved up to 110!!

  6. Awesome. Dmitry had to go through some therapy after he came home from the orphanage. It is amazing how strong children are...they can do anything!