Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So - I decided to try and take some "father's day" pictures of Logan for Cody. When did I decide to do this- on Father's Day of course!!! I would never wait until the last minute to do something like that - ever. But, since I did, I rounded up some of Cody's tractors. He has a collection of tractors; some new, some old. I thought it would be cute to have her playing with a few of his tractors. The idea was great - but I'm sure you guessed - she wanted no part of it. I also tried another shot of her wearing one of his ties - nope, not having that either. Needless to say, none of these pictures were frame worthy, and I'm not happy with the conversions either! I hope to maybe try and redo this when she is older - I know it will be cute, I just know it will be!!

you should see the other 100 - whew. He didn't get a framed picture of this...:-)

We have had a busy day - we went swimming again. The heat and water wears Logan out. She hasn't been napping very good, but I am guessing that's because she is cutting two teeth - they are almost in.

Sorry about the lack of blogging - Logan has been wearing me out everyday, so when bedtime comes - I go to bed. I usually blog, edit pictures, etc...at night after she goes to bed, but lately my pillow has been calling my name. I'm sure you all understand :-)


  1. I am in LOVE with that last one. oh how cute!!! I think these are precious!

  2. I did pictures for Father's Day too...They just were okay. I wasn't thrilled.

    I love your pictures, I think they turned out awesome!

  3. oooo I love the first one and third one. so cute! jess