Sunday, June 27, 2010

o me...

these precious little feet make my heart melt
I love her tiny feet
and her tiny toes

these feet are trying so hard to walk...
and they will,
soon enough

I love her painted toenails
and she does too!
When you ask her if she likes her toes...
she looks down, grabs her feet, and smiles...

the wrinkles in these feet
after swimming, or a bath
are just precious

little toes,
so tiny

I hope these beautiful, perfect feet
take my little girl wherever she wants to go


  1. Those are some cute little footsies! How does she let you polish her nails? I haven't tried but I have a feeling my 17 month old would squirm and end up getting nail polish all over.

    Again so cute!

  2. Oh me OH MY! Those are some cutie patootie piggies! I just adore the pink nail polish! ^_^ Enjoy those chubby little piggies while you can! They grow so fast!

  3. thank you for you prayers and wonderful comment on my post. we are finally home and on the road to recovering, healing, and grieving. i'm sorry you went through teh same thing. it's definately an emotional rollercoaster, but God will get us through it.

    on a lighter note, i can't believe she lets you paint her toes..Miss Mia would not have it. and adorable post, exciting she's almost walking. she has come so far:) Praise the Lord.


  4. So sweet! Felicity is sporting painted toes as well. Logan's are painted much more neatly! So sweet! :)

  5. I have a very small, slightly (possible) unhealthy obsession w/tiny feet. I DIE over them. Seriously, I do. I love hers. She was too cute when I mentioned that her little toes were painted. She makes me want a girl...well, almost. ;)

    we'll have to get the kiddos together again soon (before I have 2).

  6. Love those little tootsies! Baby feet are just not good for someone who is done having babies to see! I love her little polish!