Monday, June 14, 2010

she wore an...

she wore an...







for the first time the other day  today!

She loves the water - but wasn't a huge fan of staying in the float. You know, that silly thing just gets in her way :-) Not only does she think she can walk, obviously she thinks she can swim as well. She would take our hand and guide us over to the pool as if she wanted to just dive right in. She is fearless, and that scares me. She is too small for the float thing that goes around the upper body, so I am looking at other options. Ideas? I hope she continues to love the water - and I don't want her to be afraid, but she does need a healthy fear. At any rate, she is cute as can be, and I have a slight obsession with bathing suits (for Logan of course!).


  1. she is so stinkin cute. She's way cuter in person than in pictures. They don't do her justice.

  2. Wes has a tube thing that looks like a bathing suit with a tire tube in it. Felicity fits in it too. Not sure if Felicity and Logan are the same size, it's hard to tell in photos. It was hard to find and we bought it when Wes was one, but it works great!

  3. She obviously WASN't "afraid to come out of the locker!"
    The girls got a plethora of bathing suits!! I love it. I agree with Lindsay...have you seen those suits with a tube in them?? I haven't used them but it might work.

    She's a doll..

  4. i love your swimsuit obsession. i have one too:D (for mia, of course)
    glad she loves the water so much!

  5. I love it!!! I wish I looked that cute in itsy bitsy bikinis! LOL. Maybe we can have a swimming date on Thursday??? I will text you later.

  6. My boys always started out in those swimsuits with the built in lifejackets. They could get around so easily! Sort of like these. Except I think ours cam from Wal Mart or Target.
    Gracious her pictures just make my day! Love the bikini! Darling!

  7. gorgeous. my little man is the same, he thinks he can walk (we're almost there), fly, whatever. I admire their courage at this age. i hope they don't lose it.