Monday, June 7, 2010

you don't want...

You don't want to hear about my day do you? I thought you did...:-)

So, this morning I had a maternity photo shoot with a beautiful woman and her awesome little boy. Everything was going great until....the poor little guy got stung by hornets. Yes, plural - hornets. We put him on a swing, and the nest was under the swing. They swarmed him within seconds, and the little guy was stung six times. It was horrible.

So, after that traumatic experience, I came home to put Logan down for her nap. After I got her to sleep, I came downstairs only to hear a loud noise I could not clearly identify. O well...I went about my business and started to upload the pictures (the few we took before the horrible hornet attack...) and I heard it again. So I went to the back door, next thing I know my back glass was shattered. Yep, shattered. It sounded like popcorn popping on the door for about an hour.

This my friends, is crackle glass. But not the kind you desire...

Some punks lovely young children were throwing rocks at windows...
I am assuming they got to see the effect of their work. 
I hope they are happy. 
I wasn' all. 

Not the best of days, but hey, it could have been worse. 
We were thankful the little fella was not allergic, and he is doing fine now. 
He was a trooper, tough little guy.
We are also thankful the glass did not break on both panes, just the outer one. 
That would have been an even bigger mess.  

And Logan is healthy and happy
and she rocks my socks..haha


  1. What a day!

    Glad to hear the little boy is doing alright!

    So sorry to hear about your broken glass ... that stinks! :(

  2. oh no! glad the boy is ok! and your poor window. what a pain! glad the cutie patooty is doing well though:D

  3. Oh man! Rough day, glad the little guy was not allergic! That could have been horrible!! Sorry about your window. :(

  4. Oh my goodness..hornets. So scary! Hopefully he is O.K!

    Sorry about the window. That also happens when you have your BBQ on your deck too close to your kitchen window. Yikes!

  5. Wow, I'm relieved that the little guy wasn't allergic!
    That stinks about the window.

  6. it was crappy here too :) my poor baby. Thank God he's FINE. you can barely see the sting marks today. Sorry about your door.

  7. I am so glad the little boy is ok. Hornets are so scary!!

    I can't believe someone threw rocks at your windows. That is ridiculous.