Wednesday, January 26, 2011

out of the mouth of Logan...

So...Logan has said (and done) some crazy things lately, and I know if I do not write them down I will never remember them!!

I told her the other day that I needed to wipe her face before we went into a public place...she promptly replied..."No Mommy, no wipe face, its a booger face, special!"
Umm....ok....yes honey, your boogers are special!

Logan is in love with money (that's my girl!) and she asks for coins all the time. I gave her some money the other day and she says, "thanks Mom, preciate (appreciate) it."
Cody and I took her out to breakfast the other day. When we asked her where she would like to eat, she replied with, "Waffle Home."

Logan knows all the words to several songs, this just blows my mind. I have always sung to her, but I never dreamed she would pick up on the words and tune at the age of 1. She knows all the words to: Jesus Loves Me (the first 2 verses), Jesus Loves the Little Children, You are my Sunshine, Skinnamarink, Do Lord, I Like to Go to Church, and Deep and Wide.

She insist on doing everything herself these days, so when you attempt to help her do anything, she tells you..."No Mommy, Logan do it!"

Poor little thing has the words "you" and "me" all mixed up - several times an hour a day, you will hear, "Mama hold you." Or when I tell her I am going somewhere, she responds with "ME!" She wants to go with me! So cute!

She loves to look at pictures and it doesn't seem like she can quite figure out why we (her family) is on a sheet of paper. When she has a picture of herself or sees herself in a mirror, if you ask her who it is she says it is a picture of baby Logan! She carries around pictures of baby Logan all the time, were just not sure she understands that it is her!

She is a mess and even though I never thought we could love her anymore, we love her more and more each day!  

Thursday, January 13, 2011

my little monkey...

Cody and I got Logan a sock monkey for Christmas - we thought she would like it because she loves most stuffed animals and dolls! She likes her little monkey so when I saw this hat, I had to have it! The lady made it to match Logans monkey and it came out perfect! Logan asks to wear her hat all the time and it just looks adorable on her!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


O the weather outside is snowy....

and Logan loved it!!! She walked (as best she could!) in it, she even tasted it!
I am afraid it will be sticking around for a few days, so she will get to play some more!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

big girl

O my - these pictures make Logan look like such a big girl! She got a 4wheeler from Santa for Christmas and she loves it! She can press the gas but has a hard time steering, so it makes for quite a workout chasing her around making sure she doesn't run into stuff! She has not a care in the world when she is on her 4wheeler, she smiles so big and has so much fun!