Monday, July 12, 2010

you didn't...

You didn't notice...
and if you did,
you didn't comment!!!
(you know who you are...:-) Just kidding...

Logan has hit another big milestone!
It is something she has been working very hard on for several months.
Her therapist is very pleased at her recent progress...






own!!! one was holding her.
ALL by herself!
Now, she didn't get that way on her own, but that too will come!
The point is - she DID it!
Actually, she stood that day for probably 2 minutes.
She wasn't happy about it, but she did it.
Since then, she will stand more independently for longer amounts of time,
but she knows instantly when you let go!

She is getting so big, so fast.
I really don't care at what age she walks, jumps, hops...
as long as she is healthy and happy
I hope she always knows how proud of her I am.
She is such a blessing


  1. She has gotten SO big. I've missed seeing her. (My fault)

  2. Before long she'll be walking around - keeping you on your toes. It doesn't matter when kids start doing what... what matters is that they progress in life and that they are healthy and happy, she'll walk when the time is right for her :)

  3. she truly is a blessing and she is beautiful!

  4. Look at that little stance! ^_^ She's got chick attitude written all over her. LOVE it! :D

  5. I DID notice but didn't say anything. I love her. She's too stinkin cute.

  6. i noticed too in that post..but wasn't sure:) love her!!! hopefully she starts enjoying it when she realizes her new perspective when standing:)

  7. Thanks for your sweet blog comments! I love how you love your little Logan, she is so cute!!

  8. *gasp Could that picture be ANY CUTER?

  9. I didn't notice...I do remember thinking she looked different. I guess it was because she was standing (I am very sleep deprived, so I am pretty slow!)

    Sitting, standing, crawling ....whatever she does and whenever she does it..she will do it with style :)

  10. she is so precious!! isn't it so exciting when they accomplish that? my son, Noah, is 22 months. I remember when he started standing and walking.. and now I can hardly keep up with him. haha he is FAST!

  11. Darling!
    My Mack didn't walk until he was 17 months. Mind you, he was born a week early. Just really a big old lazy baby. He'd hardly stand at all.
    She is so cute in her patriotic little outfit! Sweet!