Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I like this guy. He's my husband, and my baby daddy :-)
Logan likes him too.
Actually, we both love him.

he will die when he sees this....bwahahaha 


  1. He, he! I thought Scott would be embarrassed the couple of times I gushed over him on my blog, too, but I think he was proud that I'd shout from the rooftops that I think he's hot!! ;)

  2. You are too funny. "my baby's daddy" Love it!

  3. To me he should be 4 years old still - If you want to know what a guy is really like - watch how he treats his mom. I couldnt have had a better son, and now I have added the best daughter in law and the best granddaughter to my list. GOD IS GOOD and has blessed me with a wonderful family !!! Loves and Hugs Mom

  4. awww, how sweet! You did get a great guy!

  5. :) I feel the same about Drew. You have a great family...I loved how Cody tried so hard to get Andie's attention between off-roading attempts with Logan's stroller. It was a great evening with you guys!