Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Not baking cookies, nor are we at the beach - I wish!

Logan and her new friend had a play-date at the park yesterday. Just so you know, that is sand on Logan's mouth in this picture. Yep, sand. Not only was it on her mouth, it was in her mouth as well. Lovely. Just lovely. Playgrounds with sand - not such a great idea for a one year old :-) She had a great time, even if it was a sandy mess!

This beautiful little girl is two months older than Logan, and she's so much fun!

It was a blast watching these girls play together,
even though I am still finding sand...everywhere...


  1. Play dates are so much fun! I love the sandy foot photo. :)

  2. Cute pictures - Love the sandy hand and foot!!

  3. i was righT! :D ohh nooo you made me nervous! my ma-in-law INSISTS she gets mia a sand box for her birthday...i told her not a good idea and she'd eat it, she didnt listen. oh help me! :D

  4. How fun! We don't have parks with sand around here. But we do have a sand box in the yard. Sand is always everywhere. :)

  5. So sweet! I love the colors in your pictures...the just pop!

    I am trying to catch up...for some reason blogger isn't showing me your new posts unless I come looking for them!

  6. Wow...that's pretty clean looking sand. The sandbox at a park near to us is gross. I think it has become a large litter box. I won't let the kids play in it!

    Great pictures. The sandy foot is so sweet!

    I'm still slacking on taking pictures. It's been so busy with D's parents here!

  7. I love that little sandy foot! How darling! They look like such a cute pair!
    Mack, my middle child ate sand on the beach constantly, I was forever having to dig handfuls out of his mouth! Once, he even chewed up one of those periwinkle shells with the creature still in it. I like oysters, but I was gagging a little anyway! lol