Thursday, February 4, 2010


Pop is Logan's great-grandfather. She is a lucky little girl. She has 4 living great-grandparents, all on Cody's side. I say she is lucky, because I never got the opportunity to meet my great-grandparents; they were deceased before I was born. Grandparents are a treasure, especially great-grandparents.
Pop and Logan soon after she came home

Pop has always been good with her, when she came home from the hospital; we took Logan out to visit. It is interesting to see how his mind works, he may not have known her by name, but he sure knew how to hold her and how to protect her. He was no different today.
She fit perfectly into his hands

Today we went to visit Pop. Due to Alzheimer's Disease, he is now in a nursing home. It is a horrible disease. His beautiful blue eyes seemed to light up when we came his way - he really has the most beautiful, crystal blue eyes, so did my Poppop. He looked right at Logan, "Hey Buddy!" Whether he recognized her as Cody's daughter, his great-granddaughter, or simply a little baby, he was delighted, and so was she. They were two peas in a pod for quite some time. They checked each other out, and then he gave her kisses. It was precious. Pictures and memories are priceless.

Pop kissing Logan and making "clucking" noises to her - she loved it!

Treasure your family, especially your grandparents. Listen to their stories, one day you will appreciate it. My grandmother used to “spin her yarn,” I used to think “This story is never going to end.” Now, I wish I could still hear her spin her yarn. Listen to their advice, they are probably right. Take all the hugs and kisses they want to give, enjoy them.

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