Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Enough Already!

If you have a weak stomach, you might not want to read this. Seriously.

This virus is still kicking my baby's tail. Yesterday I thought she was on the mend, appeared to be feeling better without the help of medication; however, this morning, I had to wake her up, and she has felt crummy all day. This morning, I gave her formula for the first time (small amount) and she kept it down. She was just fussy, clingy, not herself all day. She didn't sleep (not her norm) for naps, just didn't feel good. I actually thought she may be hungry (because she has thrown up everything she ate since Sunday, so I thought I would give her some cheerios and goldfish. FYI - goldfish are obviously not mild, and not good for an upset belly. She held it down, and ate it willingly, but still fussy. Trying to avoid the strong medication, I gave her some Mylanta, it seemed to help. She didn't turn into a happy baby, but not fussing. For dinner, I offered her rice mixed with chicken broth, mild enough right?!? As soon as the spoon entered her mouth, up the goldfish and cheerios came. Lovely. So, I gave her another dose of the medication. Now she is refusing the Pedialyte we offered her to put her to sleep with. Great. I guess tomorrow we will see how her belly is - not really sure what to do about feeding her. Oh, just in case you're not totally grossed out yet, she's been having diarrhea too.

She is drinking Pedialyte/water well, so I don't worry about her hydration. Now on day 4 of her being sick, I worry about her weight. She really can't afford to lose. I’m not sure why she is having such a hard time kicking this virus – let’s just pray it’s over soon. I miss my happy girl.

Sorry my post lately have been; boring, gross, mentioning the words throw up more than once in each post, pictures of a sick baby, diarrhea, etc...but this is whats going on right now - and her being sick and throw up have consumed our days lately. It will get better soon!!


  1. Victoria.... I'm gald you updated! Praying for Logan & hoping tomorrow is a better day! I, too, would have thought that goldfish would be easy on the stomach!

    Have a RESTFUL night!

  2. Poor baby girl! I am praying she gets back to her happy self again soon. Felicity still has a booger nose from her cold but is acting normal. She has yet to have a stomach bug, thank God! Praying for you guys.

  3. Oh no! I hope that sweet babe starts to feel better soon, it is so tough to see our little ones sick! Give her lots of snuggles, hugs and kisses! She's ADORABLE!

  4. I am sick with this same crap, I feel for Logan