Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It finally happened...

Logan has her first real booboo. I can't really say it's her first because when she was about 2 months old, somebody (not saying who...but it wasn't me!) clipped her little finger when trying to clip her nails - whoops. Anyway - she fell this afternoon standing at her toy box. She has a spot on her eye - it looks pitiful. She cried - but it was nothing a strawberry marshmallow couldn't cure.

Here she is sporting her new booboo -

This picture represents today much better. Not sure why she was so fussy today. Maybe it's that she is probably cutting teeth (still has none), or that her nose has been pouring for over a week, and it's now raw from being wiped so many times. Or maybe it's because she now has a sore spot under her eye. Not real sure though. Seriously, I hope it's nothing else - maybe just a fussy day.

Even when she's fussy - she still has the cutest feet I've ever seen.

Tomorrow we have speech. We are supposed to bring along her sippy cups, different foods, formula, bottles, nipples, etc...They are going to try to see just what consistency we will need to thicken her liquids too. She wants Logan to drink a bottle at a time she does not usually - not real sure she will, but we will try.

On a totally different (useless) note, I found something at Wal-Mart today that could be addicting...
any guesses???????


  1. Try putting aquafore or Eucerin on and around her nose when you put her in bed to nap or to sleep for the night. Poor babies and runny noses! I have no idea what you found but I am definitely interested! :-)

  2. scarf making? many more booboos to come as she grows :(

  3. Are you knitting or crocheting b/c that is addicting?