Monday, February 1, 2010

Memory Lane Monday

We watched the "Duggar's" last night - we were anxious to hear an update on baby Josie. Josie was born severely premature, at only 25 weeks. She weighed 1lb. 6oz, I believe. As a parent of a preemie, you sort of feel a strange bond with another preemie parent. Leaving your baby in the hospital, whether its for 100 days, or 5 days, is NO fun. Watching your child be on breathing machines, have needles going in them, tubes and wires everywhere, is horrible. We were anxious to watch the show to hear the experience from another perspective. Comparing a 1lb baby to a 3lb baby is like comparing apples to oranges, but an underdeveloped baby, is still an underdeveloped baby. They were truly inspirational, at one point Jim Bob stated how quick we are to praise God in the good times, but we also need to praise him in the bad times. How true. We certainly are thankful that baby Josie is alive and continuing to gain weight - and we will continue praying for her.

Watching the show certainly did bring back a lot of memories - hearing the beeping of a heart monitor - I thought I didn't remember the sound, but I did, instantly. Cody and I both were touched, and remembered little Logan when she was born -

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