Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ut o

warning: another bright and cheery, exciting, deep, put a smile on your face type of post coming your way. Or not.

Ut o whas what I was thinking last night as my stomach started churning. To make a long story short, ended up at the hospital around 1am to get something to help me stop throwing up. You body can only take so much throwing up, I was miserable and needed help! I had taken medicine I had at home (from pregnancy sickness) and it didn't touch this beast. Cody went to a friend's house to get me another type of med at 12, it didn't touch it either. Actually, I wouldn't know really if it did or not, it just came right back up. IV med is great - I didn't have to swallow anything - and it helped, as well as fluids.

My poor baby - this is what her tummy has felt like for days - I wish I could take it from her. She still is not feeling well - I gave her another dose of med this morning to hopefully keep everything down today, you know, pedialyte. Spoke with her doctor this morning, said to expect her to lose weight, but make it our mission to keep filling her full of fluids - that is what is most important right now for her.

Pray for my family, especially my husband, I think he is doomed to get this - and tomorrow is shift day. He has been taking care of Logan and I both. This virus is nasty, and if it hits your home, just so you know, it's contagious.


  1. I hope you and Logan feel better, Victoria. I hope Cody dosen't get sick. I'm praying for ya'll. Love Teresa

  2. Praying! Oh, man that stinks..... glad you had a little relief.

    Back from the dentist. I am much better.

    God is good. Laundry.... not so much. Off to work!

  3. Ick...praying for a speedy recovery!

  4. I am so sorry to hear that you all are dealing with this nasty virus. I will say a prayer that Cody doesn't get it! Poor girls!

    Victoria, you know I am LOVING this adorable blog design. Also, your pictures are looking amazing. You need to teach me how to use my camera! haha!

    Love you all!!

  5. You poor things!! I hope you guys are on the mend, you don't need any more of this stomach bug!