Saturday, February 27, 2010

She got a ticket...

She got herself a ticket to the hospital! We went this morning to see the pediatrician - he took a look at her and said, if it was his kid, she would be at the hospital. That was all we needed to hear. We arrived, and they got her back rather quickly. Doctor came in and said they would get an iv started with some fluids for dehydration, and they would cath her, and draw blood to check for various things. Everything came back normal except her blood sugar was low. So for two hours, she got fluids, then for two hours after that, she got some glucose through iv. She was so exhausted, she fell asleep on me for about thirty minutes, but that was all. She cried and screamed the entire 7 hours we were there, with the exception of that nap. They had a hard time finding a vein to stick her with, ended up with it in her foot. At least it was not near Mr. Thumbkins - whew, that would have been even worse. After the fluids, she really seemed to be feeling better. She also held down 4oz. of Gatorade, so tonight Logan is sleeping sound in her own bed. They said with her being preemie, having a weakened immune system makes it hard to fight off such viruses. For tomorrow, the doctor said to feed her as normal, she needs some calories. If she doens't keep it down, then bring her back. Please pray for a good day tomorrow!!!


  1. Oh, man. Praying! Let's hope she's turning the corner for good!

  2. Praying she is keeping her food down!