Monday, February 22, 2010

it's confirmed...

she is a thumb sucker...for sure. It has always been her comfort, and never taken a paci. I have never seen her suck it as much as she has today though! Poor Mr. Thumbkins didn't catch a break all day. Logan held down her Pedialyte, as well as some applesauce (so far). She is asleep for the night. I am not sure what tomorrow will hold as far as feedings go. I assume we will try formula in the morning, unless she shows signs of still being sick. She has slept all day - on us and in her crib.

We cancelled her physical therapy today. We just went last Thursday, so that's ok. Last time, the therapist was obviously concerned with her not crawling, but more so concerned with how she uses her legs, or lack of using her legs. She pulls to stand but always leans on the object, and pulls to stand using her arm strength, instead of pushing up with her legs. When she "army" crawls, she really pulls herself forward with her arms, less pushing with legs. She certainly does use them, just appears she has compensated for "whatever" is causing her legs to not be very strong.

We do go to speech this week, but I feel like Logan is doing well. To my standards anyway! She has downed Pedialyte (not sure if it is much thicker than water?? Anyone?) from a bottle, with little/no gagging. Still no sippy, I don't care at this point. When she is sick, I have to push fluids, it doesn't matter how it gets in her. I am more than thankful she has done so well with the fluid from a bottle.


  1. try not to worry. Sailor didn't crawl until she was over a year. She was probably held to much. She didn't walk until 17 months. They are all different. No big deal!

  2. So glad you came to visit me! I'm also glad Logan is looking better today (Your last posts were concerning!)

    My girls were both premies (Caris 31 weeks (3 lbs. 2 oz.) and Sadie 25 weeks( 1 lb. 2 oz. ). God has been so good to us... and to your family too!

    I look forward to getting to know you! Becoming a follower!

  3. Thumb suckers are SO cute! Wes sucks his thumb and I think it is adorable, so much cuter than the pacifier that Felicity loves. Felicity has the same outfit as Logan. You have good taste in baby clothes. :-)