Sunday, February 28, 2010

on the road again...

eh....the blogging road that is! I am happy to finally say that we are feeling much better around here. A day of no throw up - whoot whoot!! It has been a lazy day, trying to catch up on some much needed sleep.

For now - I'll leave you with my little ducky, playing with her little fishy...


Saturday, February 27, 2010

She got a ticket...

She got herself a ticket to the hospital! We went this morning to see the pediatrician - he took a look at her and said, if it was his kid, she would be at the hospital. That was all we needed to hear. We arrived, and they got her back rather quickly. Doctor came in and said they would get an iv started with some fluids for dehydration, and they would cath her, and draw blood to check for various things. Everything came back normal except her blood sugar was low. So for two hours, she got fluids, then for two hours after that, she got some glucose through iv. She was so exhausted, she fell asleep on me for about thirty minutes, but that was all. She cried and screamed the entire 7 hours we were there, with the exception of that nap. They had a hard time finding a vein to stick her with, ended up with it in her foot. At least it was not near Mr. Thumbkins - whew, that would have been even worse. After the fluids, she really seemed to be feeling better. She also held down 4oz. of Gatorade, so tonight Logan is sleeping sound in her own bed. They said with her being preemie, having a weakened immune system makes it hard to fight off such viruses. For tomorrow, the doctor said to feed her as normal, she needs some calories. If she doens't keep it down, then bring her back. Please pray for a good day tomorrow!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

among the living...

Thats how I'm feeling right now. Whew - what a virus. I have spent the day with my mom (because Cody is at work) so she could look after Logan, we do not need to reinfect each other. Unfortunatly, Logan is still throwing up. She has kept down some Pedialyte this evening, but we still will be heading to the doctor again tomorrow morning. We have to get this under control. I feel so bad for her. She is so hungry, but when I give it to her, it doesn't stay down.

When all this passes...we'll get back to regular blogging. Sorry :-(

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ut o

warning: another bright and cheery, exciting, deep, put a smile on your face type of post coming your way. Or not.

Ut o whas what I was thinking last night as my stomach started churning. To make a long story short, ended up at the hospital around 1am to get something to help me stop throwing up. You body can only take so much throwing up, I was miserable and needed help! I had taken medicine I had at home (from pregnancy sickness) and it didn't touch this beast. Cody went to a friend's house to get me another type of med at 12, it didn't touch it either. Actually, I wouldn't know really if it did or not, it just came right back up. IV med is great - I didn't have to swallow anything - and it helped, as well as fluids.

My poor baby - this is what her tummy has felt like for days - I wish I could take it from her. She still is not feeling well - I gave her another dose of med this morning to hopefully keep everything down today, you know, pedialyte. Spoke with her doctor this morning, said to expect her to lose weight, but make it our mission to keep filling her full of fluids - that is what is most important right now for her.

Pray for my family, especially my husband, I think he is doomed to get this - and tomorrow is shift day. He has been taking care of Logan and I both. This virus is nasty, and if it hits your home, just so you know, it's contagious.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Enough Already!

If you have a weak stomach, you might not want to read this. Seriously.

This virus is still kicking my baby's tail. Yesterday I thought she was on the mend, appeared to be feeling better without the help of medication; however, this morning, I had to wake her up, and she has felt crummy all day. This morning, I gave her formula for the first time (small amount) and she kept it down. She was just fussy, clingy, not herself all day. She didn't sleep (not her norm) for naps, just didn't feel good. I actually thought she may be hungry (because she has thrown up everything she ate since Sunday, so I thought I would give her some cheerios and goldfish. FYI - goldfish are obviously not mild, and not good for an upset belly. She held it down, and ate it willingly, but still fussy. Trying to avoid the strong medication, I gave her some Mylanta, it seemed to help. She didn't turn into a happy baby, but not fussing. For dinner, I offered her rice mixed with chicken broth, mild enough right?!? As soon as the spoon entered her mouth, up the goldfish and cheerios came. Lovely. So, I gave her another dose of the medication. Now she is refusing the Pedialyte we offered her to put her to sleep with. Great. I guess tomorrow we will see how her belly is - not really sure what to do about feeding her. Oh, just in case you're not totally grossed out yet, she's been having diarrhea too.

She is drinking Pedialyte/water well, so I don't worry about her hydration. Now on day 4 of her being sick, I worry about her weight. She really can't afford to lose. I’m not sure why she is having such a hard time kicking this virus – let’s just pray it’s over soon. I miss my happy girl.

Sorry my post lately have been; boring, gross, mentioning the words throw up more than once in each post, pictures of a sick baby, diarrhea, etc...but this is whats going on right now - and her being sick and throw up have consumed our days lately. It will get better soon!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

little poser

I wanted to share another picture from last week when we had her pictures taken!
It is another one of my favorites, although I'm still holding out showing my real favorite!!!

She is such a poser....

I figured everyone would want to see my happy baby, not my sick baby. Enough of the sick pictures - here is my smiley girl! Speaking of sick, she is feeling alot better - almost herself, but not quite. This virus really kicked her tail. She has pretty much had a liquid diet today, and not much of it, but it has all stayed down! Maybe tomorrow we will do back to a more normal diet.

I need to attack another a pile of laundry tonight...arhhh. Not the same one as last time, a new one. You would think I would learn a lesson, and fold each load as it comes out of the dryer...blah, blah, blah. Not happening at this house.  


RAW(e) - Raw means natural, unchanged, naked, untouched, and bare. (e) stands for EXPOSED!!!!! Sami from Sailor & Company started this new photography "game," where you post a themed picture each week that is RAW!!! No editing, no nothing! This weeks theme: doorknobs!

The doorknobs in our house are really not all that attractive, however, our kitchen cabinet doorknobs are! That counts doesn't it!?!?!

Here is my photo - RAW!

Monday, February 22, 2010

it's confirmed...

she is a thumb sucker...for sure. It has always been her comfort, and never taken a paci. I have never seen her suck it as much as she has today though! Poor Mr. Thumbkins didn't catch a break all day. Logan held down her Pedialyte, as well as some applesauce (so far). She is asleep for the night. I am not sure what tomorrow will hold as far as feedings go. I assume we will try formula in the morning, unless she shows signs of still being sick. She has slept all day - on us and in her crib.

We cancelled her physical therapy today. We just went last Thursday, so that's ok. Last time, the therapist was obviously concerned with her not crawling, but more so concerned with how she uses her legs, or lack of using her legs. She pulls to stand but always leans on the object, and pulls to stand using her arm strength, instead of pushing up with her legs. When she "army" crawls, she really pulls herself forward with her arms, less pushing with legs. She certainly does use them, just appears she has compensated for "whatever" is causing her legs to not be very strong.

We do go to speech this week, but I feel like Logan is doing well. To my standards anyway! She has downed Pedialyte (not sure if it is much thicker than water?? Anyone?) from a bottle, with little/no gagging. Still no sippy, I don't care at this point. When she is sick, I have to push fluids, it doesn't matter how it gets in her. I am more than thankful she has done so well with the fluid from a bottle.

still sick

Logan usually wakes herself in the morning around 7:30 give or take a few. Rarely do I have to wake her up in the mornings. This morning, it was 7:45, and we had not heard a peep all night. Last night, she only drank Pedialyte, so I assumed she would wake sometime during the night hungry, but she didn't. Typically, the moment you walk in her room and say her name, her little head pops up and she gives you the biggest smile. This morning - nothing. Cody had to pick her up out of her bed. She was limp and not herself. I called the doctor, said to give her some formula, because she was probably hungry. She kept down the Pedialyte last night, so the nurse felt comfortable offering her formula. She ended up drinking a bottle, and appeared to be keeping it down. She never would rouse though. She just wanted to sleep. We put her in her crib, and woke her again at 11:30, we needed to see if she would wake up and act normal. Nope, she didn't, she threw up on Cody. I called the doctor, they said to bring her. Not more than 2 minutes in the car, she gushed her entire bottle all over her and the car seat. Ew. We got her changed, and cleaned the car seat the best we could, and off to the doctor, again! She was so pitiful - slept on the way there. She never picked her head up from my chest - just laid there. Doctor said it was a virus - and gave her medicine to help settle her tummy. Within an hour, she acted like she felt better. She has since had some Pedialyte - and is sleeping. We are not used to seeing Logan lethargic, hoping she wakes up feeling better!

this morning when we woke her up...

this afternoon after a dose of the medicine

Sunday, February 21, 2010

she's sick

I am assuming it's some type of virus. She threw up once yesterday, but I attributed it to gagging on water. Who knows. This moring she gushed her entire bottle, plus a lot, all over the both of us. No temp, just fussy. This afternoon, she did it again, horribly. Poor baby. She has not had anything solid since this morning, (applesauce, and that came up) only water/pedialite mixture. Seems to be keeping that down so far. Hopefully this will be gone in the morning .

Sorry, no pretty pictures tonight. But I promise some will come!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Decisions are hard. If your thinking this is going to be a deep post, you're wrong - haha. I am so indecisive, it's lame. I know I said I would post pictures of Logan's cake smash from yesterday, I mean, I really should after I teased with the picture of the damage she single-handedly did to the cake. It's not her birthday, she's not one yet! Should I? It kind of ruins it for the people getting an invitation, or does it? I'm undecided - 

still deciding - I get all worked up over stuff like this...haha

We went to visit Cody at work today - it was fun. The weather here was beautiful (interesting material tonight huh?) and it was nice to just be outside. Dadadadadadada had a good time with Logan too...

The worm she is chewing loving on, she got today on a shopping trip with her grandma! Fun! She also got the cute flower bow - but they are so great, they will probably get a post of their own. Actually, I know they will, because I already took the cutie-pa-tootie pictures with the best little model today.

Ok - I've put it off long win. I'll post. I really wanted too the whole time.
she was just getting started :-)
For the most part, this is the first time Logan has ever experienced anything sugar. We are particular about what she eats. She typically eats all organic, homemade, whole wheat food. She doesn't know the difference and loves the food she eats. Let me tell you, this child did not hesitate to devour this cake. After we took it away, she ate what had fallen on her little leg!

If you get an invitation in the mail, just pretend like it's the first time you've seen a cake smash picture. For all my blog readers, enjoy! And everyone else too, you know you wanted to see!

Cake pictures from this crazy guy.

Friday, February 19, 2010

cake smash

We had Logan's one year pictures taken today.
My daughter is destructive.
More pictures tomorrow!


It is no secret that I love everything photography. I love everything from posing, candids, newborns, babies, children....ahh, the list goes on. I love to photograph and I love to edit. Pictures are priceless and I love having the memories. All the pictures of Logan on my blog, were/are taken by me, some straight out of the camera, some editied. While I love to take pictures, I am not a professional!

Some of the bloggy moms who photograph professionally are amazing!!! One blog I have read for quite some time now, keeping up with her miracle son, is MckMama. The photos in my banner and a few in my sidebar were taken by her. She announced sometime back in the fall that she and her family would be traveling south and wanted to do a southen gathering of her blog readers. I was very excited at the opportunity to meet her. My husband even took off work for a few hours - haha. When she announced that she would be doing a photoshoot while here, I had to sign up ASAP!! She is an amazing photographer and I was honored to have Logan/our family photographed by her.

We have a dear friend (who protographed our wedding) that came to the hospital the day Logan was born. Of course, he had his camera in hand. For a few minutes, it was like he was just photographing any other baby, not a baby who was in the hospital born permature. It was nice to take my mind off of the wires, tubes, alarms, and just enjoy photography for a few minutes. He was so calm, and took pictures just as if he would any other baby.The pictures he took are amazing, and I will forever be grateful for them. The picture on my sidebar "Logan's story" was taken by him. You can see more of his work here. As a matter of fact, he will be shooting Logan (with a camera, haha) this afternoon - we are so excited!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Look.... you like it? I am in LOVE with it!!! The girls at designer blogs are fabulous. They are easy to work with, and do great work! Thanks!

In deep thought

So serious with her tongue out

Picking Your Battles

Picking your battles is a hard lesson, not just with children, but in life in general. If I choose to fight with my husband about every small thing, we would argue all the time. If I choose to tell my daughter no all the time, even when it is really not a big deal, I will be saying no all day.

We have decided unless she is just going to make a huge mess, or do something that is dangerous to her, it is not worth fighting her over.
Is it really a big deal that she throws every single object out of her diaper bag if I forget and place it on the floor instead of up high? How about if she pulls each and every toy she owns out of her toy basket, over and over and over again; even when we are expecting someone to visit, and toys do not need to be everwhere? Some things are really just not worth the fight. If my house looks like a disaster when someone comes to the door, o well.

Yesterday, after fighting with her, (she has a very strong will and I love that about her) about food, toys, where she is allowed to crawl, etc..., when she wanted to help unload the dishwasher, whatever. Yes, I could have easily shut the dishawaher door (lid, front...what is that called!!?) and told her no, but it really wasn't a big deal to me.
She was not hurting anything. She had a blast, and kept looking at me like "Hello, aren't you going to say something?"

"Mom, I'm over here about to throw everything out of the dishwasher...."

She explored every inch of the dishwasher. Holding on tightly, she bravely tried to grab dishes.

I could have easily told her no, set boundries that "You do not play in the dishwasher," closed the lid (door, front, I still don't know what it's called), and went along our way. Instead, she explored for about 20 minutes, and crusied along the entire bottom rack...and crusing is something she has not done before helping with the dishwasher. Not only did she have a blast doing this, she cruised!

I was so excited about her skill, I was praising her and clapping.

That smile makes it all worth it. Even if every dish ended up in the floor.
Her smile is priceless.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Big Helper I really need to be folding clothes instead of blogging. I have a mountain forming in my loft, and it's quickly growing out of control. I really should go fold them and be productive, but Logan has zapped every bit of energy I have today. She has discovered if she doesn't get her way, just to scream, and scream loudly. This led to screaming/fussing most of the day. I am quickly learning to pick my battles. One of the battles I choose not to fight today was....

Can you figure out where my daughter was a big helper today?
Post coming tomorrow with the answer and lots of pics!

For now...the mountain upstairs in my loft is calling my name.

Wordless Wednesday

It's really wordless this time...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What's not to love...

I lOvE iT wHeN lOgAn...

gives you the most sloppery kiss on the cheek
waves like she is riding a bull in the rodeo
smiles when you get her up from a nap
smiles when you walk in the room
laughs when you tickle her under her arms
gets excited playing "I'm gonna get you!"
crawls over and under stuff
pulls to stand on everything
reaches for you when she wants you
feels my face
acts silly
makes funny faces
talks to us in the car
says mamamamama all day
when she picks her Daddy's nose, and pulls his ears
cuddles in the bed with us in the morning
pulls everything off the coffee table and throws it in the floor
dances to the Hot Dog song every morning
puts her hands together when she wants to play Pat-A-Cake
mimics every noise you make
scoots around
slings everything out of her diaper bag
pulls all the wipes out of the wipe case
she calms down (every time) when you sing "Skinnamarink"
feels my hair, while really pulling it, one strand at a time

Seriously, there is nothing we don't love about this girl. 


She loves her O's - stuffs them in her mouth handfulls at a time.

Do you think she wants more?

Monday, February 15, 2010

hats off

When you’re told your daughter is going to be born early, and that she will weigh anywhere from 2-4 pounds, depending on how much longer she stays in utero, your world spins. My thoughts were scattered; anything from, “Is she going to live?” to “I don’t have any clothes to fit her!” We tried to stay positive, because we knew she would come when the good Lord was ready for her to come. Meanwhile, on hospital bed rest, I window shopped online for preemie stuff. I never bought anything. It is so hard to grasp how small your baby is going to be.

When I reached about 30 weeks, I was becoming a little more excited, and a little less scared. Don’t get me wrong, if I could have changed the situation, I would have in a heartbeat. But I couldn’t; so we trusted the Lord, and got excited about our miracle, no matter how small she was going to be. I sent Cody out on a hunt for some cute, preemie stuff, to lighten the mood, and get us excited! I told him to get an outfit or two, and a couple of hats. I was ecstatic when he came back with just that, plus some more! I held up the hats and thought, “These are so tiny, they will probably be too small!” He even had Logan’s name put on one of them. He knows I like monogrammed/personalized stuff! All of these items really brightened the mood, and we started becoming excited about our daughter’s early arrival.

The first time I saw Logan, she was actually bigger than I thought she would be. She weighed 3lbs, 15oz. The NICU called any baby over 2.5lbs a fat baby. That’s because, shockingly enough, there are babies born much smaller than Logan. The next day when we got to see her, she had on this precious pink hat. We didn’t purchase it for her – who gave it to her!?! Turns out, there is a group that provides items for the preemies and babies in the NICU. Thank God for them, because the hats that I thought would be too small; were huge, and months away from fitting our daughters head. Throughout our stay at the NICU, we learned that most of the items are donated, and people make them. Several of the blankets that were given to Logan, were made by a group of woman who get together and knit blankets and pray over them. How amazing. If only I could meet those women, and tell them thank you, and what that meant to our family. Logan came home with two hats and three blankets from the NICU. To this day, we still use one of her NICU blankets – it’s the warmest, most special blanket we have.

That is the pink hat she wore, isn't it precious! It was still a bit too big!

That's the same hat, I of course still have them. It is smaller than a Similac can of formula.

That is one of the blankets we came home with - and she is wearing the hat Cody got her. It didn't fit, we kind of just put it around her head :-)

The beautiful blanket that stayed in her little isolette the whole time.

Since we have learned to knit (sort of!), we have been making baby hats. Not newborn baby hats, but preemie hats. There is a preemie reunion in mid-April that we plan to take our items too and donate to the NICU. I have already spoken with the lady in charge of the department, and she said they would LOVE any donations! Logan’s items are so special to us; we decided that whatever we make, will go to the NICU. We are so excited. We have a couple of hats already, and I am trying to learn to make a blanket. A blanket to go in an isolette is not that big, so hopefully I can figure it out! We hope to have several items to donate. If you knit, consider donating to your local NICU, I know they would appreciate your items.

They are tiny - and adorable.