Saturday, January 16, 2010

uncharted territory

This morning I woke up with my tongue feeling about 10 times larger than it should. Just a hunch, I thought something may be wrong. I assumed I had strep throat because this is exactly how it felt last time. Yes, last time. Logan and I both had it only a month and a half ago. Cody took Logan downstairs to play while I got ready to go to Urgent Care. I was already panicked that Logan had it too. I tested positive, no surprise. I figured we should take Logan in, because if she did in fact have it, I did not want her symptoms to appear this evening and it be a weekend. Thankfully, Logan does not have it. While I have been resting, Logan and her Daddy have had a fun day. 

Logan has recently discovered her way into the kitchen, new territory for her. We have letter/number magnets on the refrigerator - no, I don't think my child can spell at 10 months, nor count, but I think every kid should have them, and I couldn't resist when I saw them in the store. They scream, "There is a kid living here!" (As if all the other toys lying around don't). Anyway, this afternoon Logan wandered into the kitchen and found the numbers! She loved them, and was even lining them back up in order when she finished playing with them! Just kidding, they of course went straight to her mouth, see?

She sort of reminds me of a puppy in this picture -
She frequently has toys hanging out of her mouth. I love the look.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend!


  1. I am sorry you are sick. I am so jealous my dad got to meet little miss Logan yesterday and that you got to see my daddy! Feel better soon!

  2. Victoria,
    I actually do vaguely remember you!! That does so a lot for this brain these days. Logan is precious!!! Please email me when you have some time. I am so glad I was able to encourage you. I think we all need it with preemies. I have decided that may be my real calling in life!