Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bath Time

Soon after Logan woke up this morning, we discovered we forgot to remove the tape off of her back last night. It is not tape you can pull off like a Band-Aid, but it will gently come off with baby oil. I found after searching through all the baby bath items we have, we do not have one bottle of baby oil. However, I do have vegetable oil. That's right; I soaked my child with some vegetable oil this morning to remove the tape. She smelled like she was ready to be fried, but the tape came off great. Anyhow, this obviously led to Logan getting a bath.

As we were getting everything ready to give her a bath, I couldn't help but remember how giving her a bath used to be. The first time I gave her a bath, I was absolutely scared to death. Uncle Brady, Aunt Beth, Cody and I, drove down to the hospital one evening so we could watch the night nurse give Logan a bath; watching was not a part of the nurses agenda. She thought we should learn hands on. I felt a huge lump in my throat - "how on earth am I going to bathe this little girl, surely the nurse will just do it and I can watch and learn." She had other plans, so we undressed Logan, took all of her monitors off and I was shaking like a leaf! 

Hold her by her head? Are you kidding me? Are you sure I'm not choking her?

love this picture.

First time after Cody and I gave her a bath at the hospital -

Moving along, here are some pictures of Logan in the tub since her first bath. She has always loved bath time, since day one. Well, not exactly since day one. She wasn't too happy here

Can you see how red her skin was? She was NOT happy. Since then however, she has always been a happy little camper in the bathtub, see?

She has finally outgrown her baby tub and we had to get her a different one. Just wait until you see her new big girl bathtub - she sits up in it like a champ. Look for pictures of her new tub soon!! Needless to say, our bathtimes have changed a lot. Shes getting to be so big - what a blessing.

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