Friday, January 22, 2010

bed rest

Top howevermanyreasons you know you were on bed rest for too long
Disclaimer: This is long. There are a lot of reasons, 22 to be exact, and I'm just getting started.

You call to order your meal, (in one of the largest hospitals in Atlanta) and the lady who answers knows who you are. No name, no room number, no nothing. She also knows you are not a big fan of breakfast, not to force it.

Every tech that comes to get your weight, every morning (Yes, every morning, first thing) knows to cover the screen so you don’t have to see it.

If your nurse comes in before you want her too, you pretend to be asleep.

You have “pet therapy” once a week, and you don’t even really care for dogs. You also begin to have weekly visitors.

You know every nurse by name, and what they are doing when they get off shift. You even begin to ask how their families are.

You have watched every rerun of Law and Order (SVU is my favorite), and feel sort of disgusted when someone interrupts an episode, even though you’ve seen it before.

You get excited when they change the light colors on the King and Queen Towers. (Only for people in Atlanta who are lucky enough to have a room with a view.)

Look forward to “beef tips and rice” night for dinner. It was Wednesday's.

When you’re being monitored, and the baby moves away from the monitor - you don’t call the nurse, silly. You find the baby again yourself.

You tell the nurse where your veins are, and not to fish, stick again.

You have your own bed sheets and comforter, in a hospital bed.

You look forward to “shower days.”

A doctor that comes around weekly exclaims each time, “You’re still here!”

The acrylic nails (pink and white, actually) that you just got filled in (the day before you were admitted) need filled in so terribly bad, they are about to grow off. You begin searching for mobile manicure companies. There are none out there that do acrylic, FYI.

You got a ten minute wheelchair ride to go outside for some fresh air. Ten minutes is up before you even get outside.

Your husband’s air mattress, on the floor, makes a lot of noise at night.

Nurses and staff come to hang out in your room when they are on break (and even when they are not) because they need a break, and you’re the cool room-only because they know you personally because you have been there for so long.

You are awake in the middle of the night before the nurse comes in to wake you to take medication. You can sit up in bed, reach for your water cup, have your blood pressure taken, and take a pill from the nurse’s hand, sip, and swallow – all with your eyes still shut.

You have music therapy. Enough said.

You start to estimate how many cc’s you urinated (I know, gross) because you are tired of peeing in a hat. And you’re actually quite good at it.

When there is a tornado warning, which is the only time you have been in the hall, you see every woman in the hall is sitting reclined in their wheelchair to keep pressure off the cervix. Lovely sight.

You make a howevermanyreason list, so you will always remember your hospital stay!


  1. hi! now im following you!uhhhhh this post brought back soooo many northside memories. i did have a view of those towers, and i have to say, i HATE THEM NOW! i also searched for someone to come give me a mani,pedi to no avail :( i had tourqoise toes with white polka dots for about 3 months and was revolted everytime i saw my feet, which wasnt very often actually! i also had the pet therapy and i AM a dog person and missed mine, so it just made me cry, i actually told them not to come anymore. and could you imagine being a vegetarian and having to figure out what to eat at that place? i had to, and let me tell you, it was nasty!what room were you in? i was in 123, i thought that was kinda cool! the air mattress sounds like it was a good idea, fabian actually slept on that crappy chair for 5 weeks!

  2. Gretchen,

    I don't remember the room number, 125, 126? I was next to the last on the end. Were you there when they had the tornado warning and everyone had to go out in the hall? Yes, only woman on bedrest (specifically hospital bedrest) can relate to this post, but I eventually came to the conclusion that I had to find humor in my hospital stay! No music therapy for you, come on. JK - it was funny. Seriously, the food was not that bad at first, but after an "extended stay," it was horrible. Cody picked up carry out a lot of nights.

  3. Victoria, I can't imagine how you felt!! I was in and out on bed rest in the hospital. I think the longest stay I had was 9 or 10 days, but I will never forget it. I just remember wanting my Mama right beside me constantly. And, I felt so bad for Drew! He was scared and trying to work and take care of things. So not fun. But, when Connor was born, it was all worth it. I know you feel the same way.