Thursday, January 28, 2010

Over the last few days, Logan has been increasingly "clingy" to Cody and I. Yesterday; she was whiny and especially clingy to me, not really her usual behavior. Last night, she woke up screaming. I went and got her, she immediately hushed. I rocked her for a while (this is how she normally goes to sleep) and she never would close her eyes - but the rest of her body appeared to be asleep - limp limbs, even breathing, etc...So I tried to lay her down, with no such luck. Over the next three hours, Logan fought sleep terribly. I tried everything. I rocked, sang, shhh'd, talked, bounced, patted, and let her cry (yes, I realize I could have let her "cry-it-out", and she would have undoubtedly made herself throw up, and yes, I know I could have left her and she would have eventually fallen asleep; but I'm just not that strong). If she let her eyes fall shut, then her hand would start patting. If her hand stopped patting and fell, her foot started tapping. Anything to not fall asleep. It was wonderful cuddling with her, but at 2am, I was desperate for her to go to sleep! After several failed attempts at getting her back to sleep, (I could get her to sleep, but she woke up when I laid her down and walked out of the room. She kept a tightly clinched fist around the neck of my shirt, not letting go) I laid her down, she whimpered (not screamed), I walked out. After about 15 minutes of whimpering, she hushed. I never heard another noise. Thank you Lord.

This episode warranted a trip to the doctor. Not because, "my child doesn't sleep through the night!" but because this is not her normal behavior. She usually sleeps 11-12 hours a night with minimal interruptions. We took her in, and she checks out perfect!!! Apparently, she is just at the right age for "separation anxiety." I am glad, however, that she is not sick. She had fun at the doctor - she usually does.

I love the scrunchy face. It's attractive. Maybe the doctor will think so.

Hope she did, because Logan obviously thought she would love it.
We love Dr. H!

After our fun, uneventful trip to the doctor, it was therapy time! Logan is doing better crossing her midline, but still has a saggy tummy! Silly girl. She tried different ways to encourage Logan to play on all fours with her tummy up, Logan loved it - Not. Maybe over the next few weeks she will develop an interest. We have an appt. next Thursday for a speech evaluation with Children's.

Am I going in the right direction Dad?

Cody's dad comes home Saturday - Welcome Home Brian! Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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