Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A fun day

After Logan screamed her head off this morning, took an excellent morning nap (I think she is teething), we got dressed and went to visit Mamaw (Logan's great-grandmother) to celebrate her birthday. They were so excited to see Logan and visit with her.

If one was looking at the camera, the other wasn't! Maybe it was because Papaw was taking pictures with his camera on the other side of me!
Logan really showed off for them. She scooted all around, played peek-a-boo, went through her list of sounds (ba, da, ma, and her favorite, pa) and gave wonderful sloppery kisses! She is such a ham. Happy Birthday Mamaw!

In other news, Logan has been pulling up on things like crazy! I have to watch her because I am afraid she will slip and fall. She is mostly pulling up to her knees, but she thinks she can crawl over anything, so she makes an attempt - fearless!

She is getting so big and strong! I also wanted to share about a type of therapy Logan is receiving. The tape on her back is called Kinesio Tape. Her therapist is trying it to see if it will help Logan relax her shoulder muscles. She tends to be tense. She doesn't even know the tape is there! Read more about Kinesio Tape Last weeks is starting to peel, so she will get new Thursday. We are looking forward to seeing what Logan has in store for us in the next couple of weeks, she is really moving about and starting to be a wiggle worm.

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