Tuesday, January 19, 2010

toothless prisoner & therapy

What do you do when you hear your child crying from their crib? Why, any decent mother rushes to go get their child!! Or, get the camera.

Poor little Logan, my toothless prisoner. Behind bars and cannot get out. Isn't this pitiful?!? For some odd reason I find it a little cute, so I took pictures :-)

Just so you know, I did not let her cry for long. Just long enough for me to take a picture (or a few).

On a different note, Logan had an OT (occupational therapy) evaluation today. She did really well during it; however her score indicated she is slightly delayed. We expected this. She sent us home with some really fun exercises that we are anxious to try. We are not going to do "treatment" at this point because the PT is more important right now, and insurance doesn't pay for both, lovely.Thankfully, both therapist work together, and the OT can check on Logan often to make sure she is not going to get further behind. She also is going to refer us to speech therapy. Speech Therapists deal with all things oral, not just vocal skills. Should Logan qualify, this would help her with different textures/liquids going in her mouth. More on that later. She did very well, and we were proud of her, as always!

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